31 Oct 2008 WithAmma

Come Back, Come Back

During Amma’s visit to London this week I was helping out on the Meet and Greet stand in the entrance hall at Alexandra Palace.

At the end of the first day’s session, as people started lining up to see Amma leave for her afternoon break, an elderly lady, who had just arrived at the venue,  came up to me and asked whether she could have darshan from Amma, who she had never seen before. I explained that the afternoon session was now ending and that she could see Amma if she waited till the evening. She seemed rather upset and distressed, and said she had problems with transport to get back to her home on the other side of  London — she really did not know if, or how, she could stay.

My friend and I brought her forward into the line of people, as by now we could see that Amma had started walking up the main hall and would soon be coming out into the area where we were standing. After a few minutes, Amma came through the double doors,  walked up to where we were, looked straight at this lady and said, in English, “Come back, come back”. The lady was completely overwhelmed — was Amma really speaking to her? she asked. Yes, we said, she must have been, as we certainly were not thinking of going anywhere! But how did Amma know her situation? she said. Because she is Amma, is all we were able to say.

The lady returned to her family and friends, in tears. Later I saw her sitting in the front line, listening intently to Amma’s satsang, and ready to receive her first ever darshan.
I’ve often heard stories of Amma’s total knowledge, but I’ve never been a witness to it before. It was a wonderful experience for us as well as for that lucky lady.
– Anavadya

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  1. This year I was fasting on raw food during mother’s visit. At some point I was so busy (and excited) with seva and such that I forgot to eat! It was not my intention to not eat at all but by the time Amma was leaving the hall I had gone 14 hours without eating and did not even realize it. As mother left she turned and said to the girl standing next to me (in a mixture of Malayalam and English)….fasting…..no like…. It took a minute before I realized she must have been talking about me! With millions of children Amma remembers everyone and knows what is happening with each. She knows the questions before we ask and our sufferings and losses. Yet we have only a small glimpse of Amma’s total knowledge. If Amma ‘says’, we ‘do’. She always has our best interest in mind and she sees things we are unable to see. Far and beyond is her sight.

  2. that was a wonderful experience you both shared … thanks …
    the experiences you put up over here actually goes deep into minds, and actually help to a great extend in getting closer to amma. once again thanks… and wishing to get more such experiences 🙂

  3. Ii is all interesting to know happenings around AMMA especially for AMMA’s children who are physically away. AMMA knows everything but we do not know that. Certain situations like this help us remember this truth, and it will help us to boost our faith in AMMA and thus we can improve. So please keep on sharing all your experiences. Jai Maa….

  4. The London visit was wonderful. It was the first time I had seen Amma. I had seen many videos but it was so much more real to actually watch Her embrace everybody. Then I went up to Her, and when She hugged me She repeated “my darling, my darling”. I wondered afterwards if anybody had ever lived who was more loving.

  5. It is really nice to read about the experiences of amma devotees. Reading each experience takes us closer to Amma, and increases our faith and devotion in her. Thanks for such wonderful writings……

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