There is much to learn from virtually everything – from the sunrise, from the blue skies, from the air around us, from the birds and insects,…. from everything.  They can teach us so many things – about the nature of the world, about living in harmony, about life and death and so many other things. Children can also teach you something. It is a very valuable thing that they can teach, something that the world needs desperately in these times and like the rest of nature which teaches just by being what they are – children too teach just by being children. They teach us what it is to be children. To laugh and to cry, to shout and scream, to play, to fall and bound up again, to live.

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We had a three day childrens camp in Hyderabad – for senior students of Amrita Vidyalayam. The camp was meant to impart values to children, teach them to explore their own hidden potentials and to be more aware of the world around them.

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We had a whole lot of activities for them – IAM meditation & yoga, walking meditation, loving & communicating with nature, values, classes on leadership qualities,  being grateful for what you have and being aware of the suffering of people around you, awakening compassion and caring, respect for parents and lots and lots of games and fun.


Rohit a class 10 student said, “What I liked most about the camp was that it made me open to the suffering in the world. I could identify with the suffering,” “What we learnt was acceptance. All were equal in the camp,” said another boy.  Rajalakshmi was able to see good in people whom she had disliked before. Gayatri was grateful for the enhanced respect and love for her parents. Manasa liked talking to the plants. Akhil liked the meditation and the sessions on leadership.


All were so happy to have an opportunity to be with their friends and classmates for three days – learning more about themselves and others, learning to share and accept. All said that they would definitely try to be better people.

The games were a riot – we even had boat races on land! Towards the end of the camp all the children were almost in tears at the prospect of parting – them going to their homes and Manoj and me on to other places on our itinerary. But though we parted we carry them in our hearts.

– Nijamrita

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  1. Our children ARE our future, so teaching them spiritual principles when they are young is such important work. Thank you to AMMA who has inspired this kind of learning!

  2. After seven years of marriage, I am blessed with a child after getting a mantra from Amma. But what makes me happy is that Amma is teaching me so many lessons through my child. but i always feel it is Amma’s child and I am just a caretaker. Amma is teaching me Faith, love, laughter all these qualities. I learn from my child everyday. hope to be childlike one day. Amma is the best child, I mean Amma has all the qualities of a child too, isnt it ?

  3. “Oru kochu kunjinte thanu enikkundengil enthoru bhagyamayene”…
    Really a great work Swamiji.Those children are too lucky and i hope u also had a very good experience with those innocent ones.Keep posting stuffs like this….Namah shivaya

  4. Dear Nijamrita Swamiji,

    It was a wonderful experience reading your words….

  5. Aum Namah Shivaya,
    Its really nice to read your experience.keep it up swamiji.

  6. very nice and very true!

  7. Thank you for sharing your experience with the children. May Amma bless us and make us as receptive and innocent as them. Priya is right… Amma is the most Beautiful most Innocent Child in the world. Every child shows flashes of Amma’s beaming innocence… Amma confirms to me that God is a child…

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