Yet again another IAM training camp in Chandigarh. The morning was little chilly but soon the bright sun came up. After the introductory talk, there was an interesting Question and Answer session. The real fun began after the tea break with Walking meditation. Walking meditation really opened up every one – there were smiles on […]

18 Oct 2015, Chandigarh The two day, first ever, IAM program was held in Panchkula district of the Union territory of Chandigarh. The name Chandigarh is a blend of “Chandi” and “Garh”. Chandi refers to Goddess Chandi, the warrior form of Goddess Parvati (consort of Shiva) and Garh means fort. The name is derived from […]

There is much to learn from virtually everything – from the sunrise, from the blue skies, from the air around us, from the birds and insects,…. from everything.  They can teach us so many things – about the nature of the world, about living in harmony, about life and death and so many other things. […]