Although the December – February time is considered as winter season in India and many other parts of the world, for the residents of India and Amma’s devotees this is spring season (vasantha kaalam), a time of celeberation and joy. This year it started with Amma’s return from the Europe tour last Wednesday. It was hard to tell who was more eager to meet the other, Amma’s children waiting to get a glimpse of Amma or Amma waiting to see Her children gathered at the ashram.

Amma had come to the front part of Her camper to see Her children waiting for Her while we waited in front of Amma’s room. Amma then stepped out of the camper with a beaming smile showering so much love on all Her children there. Then She wound Her way to the room through the throngs of eager children rushing out to see and touch their beloved Mother. She stood on the stairs and spoke to all of us gathered there. Slowly She made it to Her room, but all of us continued waiting below Amma’s room, our eyes & ears are never satiated however much we see and hear Amma, for She is the very embodiment of the nectar of Love. Then Amma appeared at Her window and showered more of Her love and kisses. The whole atmosphere was charged up with Amma’s children chanting “Mata Rani ki jai”. Amma then went to Her room just to appear again, this time with Lakshmi akka, to show her all of Amma’s children gathered below the room. From now on everyday will be a celeberation with Amma here. Amma’s  Indian tours also to start in this period.

With the winter bringing  in cold and dryness to the climate, Amma sets out to spread the warmth and coolness of Love and Service throughout the land. When the trees shed their leaves and become bare, Amma is helping more and more people to cultivate their inner plants to grow and blossom with flowers of love and service. Is this not one of the greatest of divine plays. Whoelse other than our Amma to do it better?


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  2. 🙂 longing to be by Her side!!!!

  3. such a nice conversation. was that a sweet time

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