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Q146: Hanuman?

Question 146:
What does Hanuman represent for you? Why?
Please reflect deeply on the matter before answering, and make your answer clear and brief (maximum 5 or 6 lines).

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  1. Hanuman is a ideal devotee of lord Ram. He has all qualities of a perfect das (servant of the Lord) and sevak. He is a perfect brahmachari in all respects. In India almost in every village there is a Hanuman temple. Because of His devotion, He is worshiped more than Lord Ram Himself…..Hanuman means perfect Devotee.

  2. Power of Bhakti and Surrender.
    It is said that Rama himself had to use a bridge to cross the ocean whereas Hanuman, who has Ram filled everywhere and has Ram Nam always in his lips flew across! Lord is the servant of a real Bhakta. In real lord servant relationship we cannot identify who’s the lord and who’s serving him. Lord Sri Ram says ‘Praying to me without starting with My beloved Hanuman, will not produce the desired result.’
    He shows the power of a Uttam Brahmachari, a great role model for everyone especially for sadhaks. He shows the power of Faith in Lord.
    In reality Hanuman Ji represents our own mind.The monkey mind gains immense powers if it’s directed to god always but with a servant attitude. What a great lesson! 🙂

  3. Hanuman represents these for me:
    A humble devotee or rama from whom we have to learn devotion.
    A person should not be validated by the external view, though he has a monkey face, Hanuman’s potential is enormous. Anyone should be validated by their internal values.

  4. Hanumanji was also incarnation of supreme itself.

  5. Sri Hanumanji represents to me the ultimate example of Love of a disciple & devotee to His Master and Lord. Hanumanji is my ultimate epitome of Guru Bhakti and the complete merging of Devotee and Lord as an inseparable Force. He is my Divine Brother, who i turn to for inner guidance on how i should follow my Mother, Guru and God AMMA as a disciple and devotee. From Him i know that for as long as the love between disciple and the Lord is incessantly flowing, for as long as every thought is underlined by firm faith, nothing can touch us.
    To this Divine Devotee i prostrate a million times in utter humility and shout “JAI SRI RAM!!!” praying please guide us always my Divine Brother and Lord Hanumanji. Om Sri Hanumate Namaha!

  6. A perfect devotee who is fully immersed in carrying out the orders of His Ideal, Sri Rama. His love for Sri Rama is of a sevak, a true servant.

  7. Hanumanji in Ramayana is the perfect devotee, servant, brahmachari etc. He represents also a perfected mind. The mind has been compared to a monkey in many holy texts because of its restlessness and tendency to jump from one thought to another similar to a monkey jumping from branch to branch or trees. If this mind can be directed towards God (here personified by Lord Rama) then it can achieve great feats with ease and remain elevated. All those great accomplishments Hanumanji did were by his constant prayers and devotion to Lord Rama.
    In the bhagavad gita too Lord Krishna says that the mind can be one’s best friend or one’s worst enemy. Let us pray to Hanumanji to help us reach that perfected state of mind.

  8. Lord Hanuman is the true Bhakta, sincere, humble and unwavering. He is also a supreme power unmatched in strength and devotion.

  9. Bhakta and Bhakti — Devotee and Devotion
    Surrender and Courage — Warrior and The Enemy
    and lot more……. || Jai Hanuman ||

  10. Hanuman is the ultimate disciple. one who symbolises Brahmacharya…..one who respects and loves his Guru and God, Lord Rama more than himself… he is the ultimate model of total surrender…I cherish the incident…when Sita gives Hanuman a mala of beads and Hanuman just breaks it and looks at each bead and starts throwing it away… on being asked, what He is doing, He just casually answers ..ANYTHING WHICH DOES NOT HAVE MY RAMA IN IT…WHAT IS THE USE OF THAT FOR ME? HE IS THE GREATEST DISCIPLE…..

  11. As someone pointed out elsewhere, Hanuman is someone who has gone beyond the Sugriva-level. We all, like Sugriva, think that we can help the God’s cause by “social reform” etc., but in reality we are seeking benefits for ourselves. Hanuman on the other hand knows that the Lord knows how to take care of the world, however he helps all sentient beings – not out of the egotistic notion that he can help them, but as an act of devotion to the Lord, as His instrument.

  12. I remember Hanumanji whenever someone reminds me about my capabilities and then I soar and finish the task. Hanumanji was reminded of his strength before he jumped to Lanka in one leap. The unflinching devotion is another attribute I wish I had.

  13. Lord Hanuman represents the submission of the ego over our True nature, the Self. Lord Hanuman represents humility and true identification with the Higher self.He is the true indicator for our spiritual progress.

  14. Hanuman is an embodiment of wisdom and faith. His wisdom is reflected in the occasion in which after returning from Lanka and seeing Ram his lord he says ‘Seen Seetha’. He doesn’t say ‘Seetha had been seen’. He didn’t want his master to wait even for that one extra word.
    Hanuman is an embodiment of Budhi (Intellect) Balam (Power) and Dhairyam (Courage)

  15. Though Hanumanji is in the body of a Monkey, ‘It’ is the dearest devotee of Lord Ramji. After all Hanumanji is part of Shiva only. Actually this fact is not known to all. Thulasidasji is narrated about the body of Hanumanji: It is shining like 24carrot Gold. And he is the embodiment of strength, wisdom, knowledge, and incarnation of all noble virtues. Hanumanji is an ideal servant (DAS) of the lord and an ideal devotee.

  16. Hanuman goes to show how devotion to the lord brings to realization of our inner potential. Hanuman had all those mystical powers in him but could not use them. Yet, in the service of Sri Ram, all these powers became available and he could jump over oceans and lift mountains, all by his deep devotion to the lord.

  17. HANUMANJI is a perfect example and ever leading role model of a perfect or a uttama brahmachari. We can know about his life from the epic RAMAYANA. HANUMAN means purity, fire, Vayu-putran, gigantic personality, truthful, powerful, disciplined and many good qualities perfect combination. Sri RAMA loved him very much. HANUMAN chalisa will explain about his glory of brahmacharya. May we pray to AMMA to be able to lead a chaste/celibate life like that of HANUMAN. Though it’s not possible to be 100% like him, at least we can try our level best with Lord’s grace. He is also a role model of how to serve your Guru/Lord/Lord’s devotee.

  18. The character of Hanuman teaches us of the unlimited power that lies unused within each one of us. Hanuman directed all his energies towards the worship of Lord Rama, and his undying devotion made him such that he became free from all physical fatigue. And Hanuman’s only desire was to go on serving Rama. Hanuman perfectly exemplifies ‘Dasyabhava’ devotion — one of the nine types of devotions — that bonds the master and the servant. His greatness lies in his complete merging with his Lord, which also formed the base of his genial qualities.

  19. Hanuman’s devotion is something which motivates me to move a step towards God. ‘Ashtasiddhi nau nidhi ke daata’ goes a line in Hanuman Chalisa. Inspite of possessing 8 siddhis, he surrendered himself before Lord Rama. Humility and devotion personified is Hanuman 🙂

  20. Hanuman was Shiva incarnate, the embodiment of wisdom, strength, devotion, surrender, and dedication to fulfilling Lord’s mission. I pray for both Amma and Hanuman’s Grace to help me become Amma’s perfect devotee and instrument in my daily actions.



  23. By meditating on Hanumanj’s characteristics and his acts of devotion we can also become good devotees of God. Then, if we were to ‘open’ our chests, Amma’s picture would stare back at those facing us. We could become mobile temples.

  24. By remembering Hanuman, one can gain wisdom, strength, success, courage, fearlessness, lack of ill health, lack of sluggishness, and Oratory skills. Shri Hanuman personifies all the above qualities so well that just thinking of him gives one these qualities too. Above all his Bhakti for Sri Rama and utter humility in spite of all the above mentioned strengths draws your mind and inspires you right away!
    Needed this reminder today since I have been wondering how to develop some of these qualities 🙂

  25. Hanuman is a true devotee who had 1 minded devotion towards lord Rama. He was an epitome of sacrifice and surrender. Hanuman, is one of the most popular concepts of devotees of God (bhakti) in Hinduism and one of the most important personalities in the Indian epic, the Ramayana.
    There is a spiritual interpretation of the relation between Lord Hanuman and Lord Shani. The former is said to be a symbol of selflessness, while the latter is symbolic of instant Judgment based on past and present karma. Thus, to counter the karma borne out of selfish action, one must be humble like Lord Hanuman.

  26. Hanuman is a true example of sacrifice and service. A true role model. He shows us what divine devotion and worship should be. His inner potentials were huge and he could utilize it only through selfless worship, again showing what worship of Lord can do to you. He also lived the simplest of life and all he asked for was serving Rama as long as he could breathe, and lived the life of a Brahmachari. A great role model for the present generation..!!

  27. Reading all these entries about Hanuman bhagavan fills my heart with so much joy.Hanuman bhagavan is a personality who is very happily accepted by children and “big ” children alike. He is an embodiment of supreme devotion. A role model of submission.

  28. We can find in the scriptures so many descriptions of Lord Hanuman’s characteristics, but when I think of him I see the painting of him opening his chest to reveal nothing but Sita-Ram inside.

  29. Hanuman, the Best among the Yogis, is a Naistika Brahmachari, extremely brilliant and well-versed in all Vedas or Nigama, Sastras or Agama, most obedient, ever ready to serve the Lotus Feet of Lord Sri Rama, and has all the virtues if one wants to emulate him. Thus Lord Hanuman is the Ideal Form to be worshiped by all the devotees of the world. All miseries of the world are because of lack of brahmacharya, one of the Yamas of Yoga Sustras.

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