Amma arrived at the hall at exactly 8pm.

Each summer tour, a bhajan supplement is released which contains the newest bhajans being sung by Amma along with new World Tour CDs. This year, there are close to 4 dozen new bhajans.

Saturday evening’s bhajans were a mix of old and new:

  • Dayakaro Tum
  • Krishna Govinda Gopala
  • Muralikayiloru Ganamundo? (new – Malayalam) “Is there any song in your Flute?”
  • Tathi Tathi (new – Tamil) – the words Tathi Tathi are an affectionate reference to the sound of the soft quick steps of a toddler
  • Pagalaina (new – Telugu)
  • Om Namah Sivayaha
  • Ma Tere Carano Me Jo (new – Hindi)

– Sri Pati

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  1. Thank you for keeping the blog alive with AMMA’s tour updates.

  2. Thank you for the post.I have heard Amma singing tathi tathi by beating her stick on her bhajan book stand..Those beats too yearn to unite with her.And krishna govind is my favourite bhajan..

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