Amma continued to delight the hearts and souls of her children with the introduction of even more new bhajans which were created during the winter and spring. In the afternoon, Amma’s Seattle Children put on an inspiring play embracing Amma’s message that we should be content with our lives. Amma sang: Jai Ganesha Jai Ekadanta […]

Amma arrived at the hall at exactly 8pm. Each summer tour, a bhajan supplement is released which contains the newest bhajans being sung by Amma along with new World Tour CDs. This year, there are close to 4 dozen new bhajans. Saturday evening’s bhajans were a mix of old and new: Dayakaro Tum Krishna Govinda […]

May 28th, Seattle, USA Amma’s 2010 North American Tour started yesterday with public programs at the new Hyatt Regency in Bellevue near Seattle. Amma began evening bhajans by singing Sri Ganayaka and ended with Jai Ma Ambe.  In between were 6 new bhajans. Sri Gananayaka Giridhar He  (Hindi)- “Oh Lord who lifted the mountain, leader […]