31 May 2010 Question

Q165: World issue?

Question 165:

“What is the most important issue facing the world today?”
Please make your answer clear and brief (maximum 5 or 6 lines).

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  1. Lack of knowing Self. Ruled by five senses and let the divine power within sleep.

  2. my answer is DO WE WANT TO LOVE OURSELVES AND EACH OTHER NOW OR NOT ? if we don t make a choice now things are going to change without us !!

  3. In Sanskrit we have:
    Adi Bhaithika – The Physical World
    Adi Daitavatha – The Heavenly World
    Adhyathmika – The Spiritual World
    As far as the spiritual world is concerned, the needs are
    Dhyana or Meditation, Knowledge of Jnana Kanda of Vedas, Renunciation through Jnana

  4. The downfall of values and dharma. This manifests as greediness, selfishness and a spirit of exploitation towards others and nature. The result is lack of justice & fairness, conflicts, and violence, both between individuals (in professional and personal life) and between nations.

  5. As Amma rightly put it, “…inability to control our own minds…”. This has led to a multitude of issues such as terrorist reactions, environmental issues, wars etc.. 😐

  6. We can never know, and we should never pretend to know, for doing so would be a most spiritually damaging hypocrisy. Most of us give prime importance to the world problems that prick our heart the most, brood over them, and magnify them in in relation to others that do not affect us much. Then we proceed to passionate arguments/thought processes, delude ourselves into thinking that we are on the side of a just and dharmic cause, and shore up our egos on the prop of an illusory moral rectitude. Swami Vivekananda says : “You cannot help anyone, you can only serve”.

  7. i just read the news in CNN, “smoking toddler’s mother seeks help”. Need I say more? If we think the world is bad now, i shudder to think of the future world. Save the Children, their future is NOW.

  8. The general trend of the world is to get into business/trade. Those who are running businesses are encouraging/rewarding their employees to be an entrepreneur. The entrepreneur’s way of thinking is to love and adore people who buy their products or services and disregard those who have nothing to do with them. They also compete with other businesses. This makes a healthy mind crooked and profit motivated. Unless this style of thinking is changed, the world will get into a state of darkness and pull even the good minded souls into their way of thinking or they have to flee to villages or forests.
    Thank you Kupamanduka for your wise comments.

  9. We could use more humor in the world. When we can’t get to that, perhaps we can remind ourselves of Ramana Maharshi’s words:
    “Dualities and Trinities on something do hang… Support-less they never appear… That support searched for the loosen and fall… There is the truth… Whoever sees that never waivers…”
    The world could also use more hugging. This includes tree hugging!

  10. Hatred. Hatred in so many forms. Hatred towards other nations, towards other religions, towards some castes… the list goes on.

  11. when amma went to sri lanka, the president there asked amma to help end their civil war, which she did. as an american, i pray to amma that she can help end the united states war in afghanistan.

  12. JAI MA….STILL THE SAME OLD ONE…”””” KNOW THYSELF “””…( please read…AWAKEN, CHILDREN !..volumen VII…)

  13. As AMMA used to say that we are all strung together like a garland of beautiful flowers,an imbalance we as a Human species,the only one to be considered the most intelligent being on the planet has created by over exploitation of Mother nature,i think is the reason for all the issues in the world..rakshikane AMMA

  14. I think ” Religion ’s ” are the Biggest Problem in today’s world. I wish there was only one religion which is based on Love and Freedom. and all other ” Traditions ” or Cultures or Lifestyles or Rituals can come under it and People can choose which Tradition/culture/Lifestyle they really fits into according to their Instincts or life style.
    I know this is really a wild Thought.

  15. Lack of Awareness, Acceptance and Realization of Love, Compassion, Faith and Loyalty. Thanks, our Beloved AMMA is Awakening, Enlightening all HER children, with HER Ever Showering Grace of Equanimity, Broadmindedness, Unconditional Love and Compassion, Tireless and Selfless Effort, traveling all over the globe, throughout 24 x 7 x 365, sacrificing all Her needs for the upliftment of All Her children.

  16. incompatibility

  17. Today to conquer Fear is the most difficult challenge and is a issue the world is facing. It is haunting all minds across the world irrespective of a persons religion or monetary status. This is in turn making people’s thoughts self centered. As Amma says people’s thoughts should be about what they can Give to world instead of thinking what’s in for me. People should be more compassionate to every living Soul.

  18. maybe one of the worst world issues is mainstream TV (not amrita TV). 2 reasons:
    (1) its general (but not total) brainwashing focus on past/negative/ buy more/ issues rather than personal empowerment
    (2) in the time wasted watching mindless TV, someone who was suffering could have been helped in the same time period.

  19. O!!!!It is very shamefull to say that i have no knowlege of this everchanging world much, because no habit of reading the news papers and all.It is a secret so don’t publish it.I think there is no such big issue facing this impermenent mortal, everchanging,ever perishing world. The issue is with ourself.If we have the correct knoledge of the nature of the world and knowlege of our True Self ,most of the issue can be solved out.Each and every nation,country,state, people have their own world.But the essence of all is one and same.There is no differnce in the size or degree.The Self of an ant and an elelphant is same size and same degree of power.That is main priciple of our most beloved Amma.Amma can see the oneness in all.If we follow our most beloved Amma’s Path where is quistion of big Issue.

  20. Apathy. A feeling that O/one alone can not make a difference. The idea that self does not really ever change, so why try. People often see what they do that causes harm, because the effect spreads rampantly, the small good deeds that light a silent stronger fire are often overlooked when we judge ourself – because it is diffused over time.

  21. On a broader scale….intolerance and hatred for those who are different than us. This includes religion, politics mostly. Teaching our children selfless service and compassion is the only way to change this or it will be changed for us as we evolve. We can start by loving those who show us intolerance and hatred and not dishing it all back to them. This is hard work and I am a beginner and it is a 24/7 job. With Amma’s grace I will get better at it.

  22. I think the main problem in World today is lack of true bhakti. As per the vedas in Kali yuga bhakti only can lead us to mukthi.

  23. Materialistic approach and commercialization in practically all spheres of life, including education and educational institutions has caused an erosion of spiritual values in today’s world.
    This has led to our youth become either too self-centered, money-wealth crazy, seeking only luxurious life; or at the other extreme going astray. It is sad to see even very so-called educated youth worrying only about their secure future and not having any compassion/sentiments/sensitivity towards their fellowmen/parents/nation.
    Lack of value education both at home and educational institutions seems to be the main reason. AMMA and the various institutions and activities associated with HER is reaching out and harnessing the Youth power in various positive and useful activities. May AMMA’S influence bless and put the errant youth in the right path of righteousness.

  24. A lack of love, with love comes all virtue.

  25. Each time i think about it, the answer seems to be a different issue. Like Kupamanduka said, it is most likely the issue that has pricked my heart at that time.Everything seems to be so interconnected and beyond our comprehension. Whichever issue may we analyze, there seems to be a precursor to it, which is another issue.Is it a cycle or is is there a starting point,setting which right, could behave as a cure all for all other issues?The priorities various people set for themselves, and the means by which they move towards their goals seems to have a major influence on many issues.I still fail to write a proper answer for this question. :(:(:( I surrender.

  26. We have forgotten our true nature. We have forgotten that we are all one and the same self. To pray , support and help all those who are identified with the body,mind,intellect…to pray to Amma to help everyone realise their oneness. As Amma says ..we are not isolated islands. We are all bound to each other..Others worries, miseries are ours too and let us pray and help to the best of our abilities.

  27. In India it’s about losing culture. The GenX hardly bothers to believe, accept and follow them. People have turned so practical that it’s hitting the values back. Moreover, I feel, in a way, growth of science and technology is an issue of major concern. Science is something which is quietly eating the world. Science is never against spirituality. It, in fact, brings us closer to God when the miracles of universe are revealed. But invention of various gadgets pollutes the atmosphere. Cellphones have filled the air with microwave signals and many used-to-be-common birds are being endangered. Man is so selfish. It’s high time that man shed his ego.

  28. Global warming is the main issue faced by World today. AS Amma says, we have to love nature. Once we start loving nature, all values, dharma, patience, love etc will come to its place… Science does a lot of things good for today’s world, but it has forgotten to think for future.. As Amma says, planting trees, nurturing them with love and taking care of them even can bring a big change.. Even if one man plants just one tree a year,as a whole the effect will be unimaginable!! Man and Nature are not separate, but complement each other.

  29. purifying world consciousness, raising world consciousness to a higher level.
    then all other issues will be solved automatically

  30. Love all, no hatred

  31. Poverty in the lives of people reflects a poverty of love. Attention is given to noise, and silence goes unnoticed. Attention is given to thought, and the formless reality of God is ignored. The issue is to withdraw attention from ego and to give attention to the divine which lives in all.

  32. Spiritual Ignorance. Only deep understanding and practices of spiritual principles can bring about the positive change.

  33. Veda that are coming and by Guru teach us as children

  34. selfish itself…..

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