Question 214:

On 27th we are celebrating Amma’s 59th Birthday. Which of Amma’s generous gifts to all touches your heart the most:
The unlimited motherly love & patience offered in her Darshan?
The impressive humanitarian services offered by her mission?
Or her spiritual guidance and teachings?

Please make your answer brief and clear (maximum 5 or 6 lines).

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  1. sheer thought of Amma is exihilerating, her love love and love for everybody is enough

  2. How can we ever identify any single gift when each and every thing AMMA does is a gift.!

  3. My divine MAA is herself a divine gift from the omnipresent her every action is a gift for me. Luv u MAA, Happy Birthday my divine MAA

  4. There is no comparison to Amma’s Darshan and humanitarian activities. Spirituality however is the core.

  5. Almost 19 days i was thinking how to attend this question.I was Totattaly in a confusion.Amma itself is wonderfull phinomina.SHE never give me a second of time to catch HER original status.So i stopped to search HER in outside.But nowadays SHE is sitting in my heart and diricting me.So i think my most beloved Amma’s spiritual guidance and techings touched my heart the most .I don’t know whether it is right or worng for attempting to give such an answer.Our most beloved Amma is Unique personality.We can’t able to find out such Sad Guru even before her incarnation and also after HER Swadhamagamam

  6. It is very difficult for me to say a perticular one as a gift.Our most beloved Amma itself as a whole , is a gift to the Universe.HER darshan,HER sparshen,HER kadaksham everything is a gift for the needy who are very very spiritualy hungry and thursty.We can proudly cliam or say that our most beloved Amma is very very Unique and never can findout such a Sadguru before her incarnation.But HER spiritual teaching and guidance touching my heart the most.

  7. Her immense abundance of infinite power of God that gives the Pure Love
    moment by moment forever to every.

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