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Amma says: “Peace is not a product of an intellectual exercise. It is an inner blossoming that matures from spiritual moments.” How do you understand this?

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  1. The intellect can give us an intellectual understanding of ‘Peace’. But this would just be yet another concept in the mind. A dead concept with no life, like everything the mind presents.
    Real peace, comes from within, and it is a state of being, an experience… Spiritual practices help us to connect with such experiences and moments…
    This is what I feel that Amma wants us to look for…

  2. How does inner peace grow? Can it spring from a willful or mental decision to uphold it? It might.. for a short period and perhaps aided by a bit of dishonesty. But the peace we all crave for-deep, robust,continuous- can only come from an inner change: the gradual imbibe of spiritual/divine qualities due to sadhana and Grace.

  3. True Peace comes from hard, hard work.
    We are wild horses training for the race of our lives to the source of the universe AND every particle of its perimeter.
    We are neck and neck with the ego, and insatiable hunger to WIN!
    The ego becomes willing to die for Truth when it fully recognizes that…
    The Lord of the Universe has come, and lives among us.
    When we, as all creation, throw ourselves down at her feet, flood her and shoot to her endless core in daily meditation…we are crossing the finish line.

  4. When pronounced “Peace” and “Piece” are the same. But, literally they are different. Similarly intellect can only discriminate to some extent and guide us in our daily lives with respect to sense perceptions. Intellect alone can’t bestow peace.

    One has to undergo spiritual discipline which is like a sharp edged blade, full of dangers which imply much alertness and awareness.

    Once we develop the understanding that the world and sensual pleasures don’t last and are impermanent like a mirage, we sincerely strive for Moksha, leading to peace and inner blossoming being attached to the Divine Mother, AMMA and cherishing the spiritual moments therefrom.

  5. peace is all of our very essence. getting more peace is by adding continuous heartfelt mantra japa, meditation, lots of selfless service and thinking of God. Its getting back to our natural state within of peace day by day bit by bit removing the layers of mind (ego attachments etc) by these practices.

  6. Shanthi is a inherent nature of all beings.

  7. Peace is an intangible quality of one’s heart. When one is devoid of unreasonable desires, contented in one’s life, one is at peace. It is not something one sets out to achieve, hence it is not an intellectual entity. When one is at peace within, it resonates in one’s dealings with the outside world. The inner harmony is reflected in feelings of love, empathy and consideration for the people around. Spiritual practices act as catalysts in the ‘inner blossoming’ and attaining a peaceful temperament.

  8. Peace is a state of ‘being,
    do nothing but be there at ease
    point source emanating and receiving

  9. I attained peace of mind only when i had my first darshan of our beloved Amma. That first darshan was the spiritual moment, when peace blossomed in my mind and is there and will be there forever. Thanks to Amma.

  10. Moments when you are aware without any doubts that Amma is always there with you.
    Peace Peace Peace

  11. When your heart lights up when you participate in a yagna in a temple, when you read Amma’s devotees experiences, when you read Amma’s books, when you are in the presence of Amma – there are no thoughts or desires but just a temporary absence of “ego” dissolving into a blissful moment, you experience peace and tears roll down.

  12. I would understand it by meditating on it.

  13. AMMA’s words import as understood by me, PEACE [ SHAANTHI ] is our REAL NATURE [ SVAROOPA ].It is already there , just contemplate on that.Contemplation means “Be Always Alert [ JAGRUTA & SHRADHA ] that we are not carried from our GOAL [ LAKSHYA] by silly imaginations of mind abt Past & Future.

  14. Unless ‘Truth’ is a full body understanding,the mind is the disruption of peace. ‘True’ Peace comes when the ‘Master’ breaks the familer patterns of mind (conditioned to beleive it is seperate), long enough for our ‘True’ inherent nature (Union),to be revealed.

  15. Om Namasivaya. As Amma says Sweetness of sugar, Happyness, sadness etc need to be experienced and cannot be expressed. Even if it is expressed with best available intellectual means, it cannot be coveyed fully to the listener who lacks experience of that. If at all the listener assumes to have understood that,it might be a simulated experience of some other state of mind.
    So when the mind become Calm (it can be achieved through spirituality) and free from worries or thoughts, PEACE blooms.

  16. God is an experience. Amidst stormy seas and extreme heartache inside and out, I arrived at a home to give an elderly man with parkinsons disease a shower. I was half way through this beautiful exchange of movements, and soft words when I realized….yes, I was feeling Peace. I was feeling peace inside and out while I wiped the soap all over His body and the shower became ritual. I was bathing God and this shriveled male body became beautiful before my eyes. I experienced Amma inside and out and I experienced true peace. There are no words from our intellect that can explain true peace. It is such a holy experience that may last only a few minutes but dwells deep within as softly as the most loving darshan.

  17. Peace is a product of Grace and Grace does not come free

  18. peace is within you. Trying to search for peace around us, in a change of place is futile. Wherever we are, we have to keep our mind calm and find INNER PEACE whatever disturbed be our environment.

  19. Absolutely correct.When i attend Amma’s Bhachan(live)from Amritapuri in the main hall -so many times i could experienced it.For a moment i will go beyond the body ,mind and intellect level and can experience a inner peace.i.e is the real peace i think.It can’t be comprehend.Peace is not a product of our intellectual exercise or a thing to attain.But it is to be realised. It is there within us. But we we are trying to searching it in out side.It can’t necessarily be get by lexurious ambiance(5 star Hotel stay,cottage in a hill station or ressort in a beach side etc).With the help our intellect we can meet all of our metiral desires.By fulfiling desires permenent peace can’t be attained.If you fulfilled one desire ,immediately the next desire will arise. There is no end of it.That is the nature of our intellect or mind.First of all we have to understand ,what is spirituality.It is the real knowledge of our Pure Self.As our most beloved Amma is our’ Pure self’ when we are in the phisical presence of our most beloved Amma , we will get a real contact or tunning or touch with our Pure Self (Atma)With this contact an inner blossoming happens and that matures and can feel an inner peace.This is my experience.i think it is possible while meditating also.But more i can feel in the phisical presence of our most beloved Amma

  20. “OM SHANTY!!!SHANTHY!!!SHANTHY!!!(peace!peace!peace!)
    in the end of all Santhi mantras we used to chant three times Santhy.These are only three types obstacles which can disturb our Shanthy(peace.)Adybhoudhik,Adidaivik and Adhyadmik.The disturbance which are coming from the metirial world,eg:-distubance of our wordly enenmies,and their behaviour like anger, envious,etc.This is adibhoudhik,and the obstacles from the side of God eg:-calamities like sunamies ,earth quack,and flood etc.This is adidaivik and the obstcles which are coming from our own Soul, because of our Prarabdha karmas eg:- cronic deceases like cancer,diabeties etc.
    This is adhyatmik.So these three types of obstacles will distress our peace.If we have the quality of a balanced mind (Samachitha Bhavam)none of these will effect our peace.If we have a knowledge of that these obsltcles will effect only My body not to ME(Self)then our peace is very very safe.Ofcourse we should pray for not being effect these things.But our inner peace will not effect if we are practising equanimity ,absorbing the mind in the SEIF.

  21. peace comes when you associate yourself with all other creations of God, good or bad

  22. Peace happens when the mind is still, that is when all thoughts subside. Less thoughts implies more peace, no thoughts implies only peace. Of course, this state is hard to attain, but not impossible. This is my understanding based on Amma’s teachings. Amma’s teachings are amazing. Simply superb..

    Om Amriteshwaryai Namah

  23. I asked someone a question and she got angry at me. Realizing that a response would not change the outcome of the situation, I stayed silent, though it was difficult. The next day, powerless, I performed a duty she was meant to do. There were more complications. I tried to have the right attitude. I tried to apply spiritual principles, but even those that I rely on most were taken from me. I didn’t want to blame knowing that my inner struggle was not a product of the external situation, but my own attitude. I removed myself for a short time and sat silently in prayer. Ny answer came…When difficulty comes, I search for the cause, but not all causes can be seen. Still, the results of our actions must be faced; with Her love and grace may we all gently surrender when karma comes to make its claim and bring peace.

  24. We all want this all-allusive thing we call ‘peace.’ Attaining and achieving it, is hard work. So for example, to have the satisfaction of using our degrees we have earned (i.e. a product of intellectual exercise) we have to have pleased the Gods (devathas) either in this life or our past lives. We call these good karmas. If we are not currently happy in our lives it is probably because we have not pleased the devathas. In the Hindu Religion we do special ‘puja.’ These pujas have the power to please the gods and in turn the Gods give us what we want.

  25. Realization of Self. I luv u Maa

  26. “Peace” is something all of us the world over are striving for. But it eludes most of us. Only the Great Mahatmas & Saints have been able to attain Peace. And we all look upon them to be guided in that direction.

    Our daily routine life – is a race to attain all worldly material goods or some egoistic goals. Chasing inner peace – we understand and strive much later.

    From my understanding inner peace can be attained only if we surrender to the Almighty. This happens the moment we realize that we are only intruments in the hands of a Higher Hand – that of God! “Thy Will Be Done”- is what we need to understand. So we need to perform our Karma/duties and leave the rest to GOD!

    Again for this – not an easy task- we need a Guiding Hand- the Hand of AMMA, our GURU- to help us in this endevour! We all look up to HER to give us the direction to attain inner peace.

  27. If we love everybody and we have the feeling that we are all One, peace will be a natural consequence.
    No international official agreement can really produce peace by itself.

  28. We all have some kind of concepts (we could probably say a set of ideas)this is good, this is bad, this is right, this is wrong already set in our mind according to which we act. when these set of ideas are acted on based on our experiences and spiritual moments in life we act maturely and take proper dicisions, satisfying others a well as ourselves this inturn give us the inner peace and happiness. our life experiences and discrimination makes us understand that world is a maya and helps us to dettach from her and then we have no sarrow, no necessities, no bounds, no material joy.This is the state where our inner peace bloosom realising we all are one and all.

    amma I love you
    om Namh Shivaya

  29. the seeds of love in bloom and we have to take care of it with your heart

  30. when we live in present and are in the same bhava whether theire is happiness or sadnees we are not peturbed. that is the original peace. Peace comes from within not outside. Love U Maa

  31. I experience peace in my heart when it is open to the others in a sense of giving love and attention to the one i love.

  32. Peace is the state without the waves of thoughts, emotions, etc. which are produced by the mind. It stays behind the play of mind and it blossoms within when your mind stops focusing on the outside, through spiritual understanding, tuning into divinity, or divine grace.

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