Sunday the 3rd of March saw the arrival of twelve new members of four families into the existing fold of cows in Amrita Gokula, the ashram cowshed by Amma’s cottage.

The cows came travelling a long distance from Mysore Amrita Vidyalaya, where they were being tended till now. When Amma was in Mysore last, may be the cows pleaded with Her that they want to come and live in Amritapuri, in Her Presence. Just like many of Her householder children.



They are all of pure indigenous breeds. Three of the most attractive, fat brown ones (mother, son and daughter by names Ganga, Govinda and Tunga respectively), you may have seen such cows in Krishna’s company in pictures, are from the Gir forests of Gujarat. They are shimmering brown in colour with stunted horns and downward hanging big ears. The huge twosome with huge horns and frankly opened big ears, (mother and child with names Sharada and Ambika), that appear like Shiva’s bull, also hail from Gujarat, are from Kankrej breed. Though they look robust and wild, these are very calm beings. The very white ones, Durgamba, Maheshwari and Gauri are from a Karnataka breed called Hallikaar. Chamundi Lakshmi is from the Karnataka native Amritamahal breed favourite of the Mysore royalty. Kenchi, and her children, Hamsini and Manjunatha are a cross breed of the two native Karnataka breeds mentioned above, and have varied colours.

– Sandhya

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  1. Maybe these are the grazing cows of Vrindavan that the little Krishna played with! Welcome to the veritable present-day Vrindavan!!!

  2. Once I was reading a book of Swami Sivananda Sarasvathy, “What becomes the Soul after Death” and happened to read that for getting rid of the sins of mortal life, one has to cross the Vaitarini River, the terrible one filled with blood as seen by the sinful, (though as nectar by the righteous.) The only way to cross the Vaitarini river by the sinful is to donate a cow or cows to the Great Guru or Bhrama Nistta like AMMA.
    So, one evening, I prayed to AMMA that let a cow be donated in the name of my diseased father, and it is a wonder, I saw these new arrivals in the ashram.
    AMMA, the Divine Mother must have heard my sincere prayer to release my father from the dreadful clutches of sinful deeds some of which are committed inadvertently.

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