18 Mar 2013 Poems

The cry of a flower

Amongst the flowers offered by chants at thy feet,
I hear sounds of a weeping flower.
It cries out of sheer ecstasy,
being a flower chosen for holy worship.

Every mantra vibrates on each petal.
Feels your vibes of love and compassion.
Oh! Mother of universe how blessed are they,
to be offered at thy holy feet.

Even a grain of sand is blessed,
to receive your foot fall on it…

As you trot; a chant of AUM reverberate.
Nature stands still in meditation.
A sweet breeze smears a fragrance of jasmine.
your pure whiteness percolates around.
Oh! Mother let me be a grain under your feet,
a blade of grass, just to feel your grace.
Let me be an insignificant creature,
who always significantly captures thy caress

by Sateeshan Rangonath

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  1. Thanks for this lovely poem. There is a carnatic tamil song in which the gopis ask Krishna to give them the fortunate life as a blade of grass in vrindavan so that His feet can touch them or a stone in vrindavan, so that His holy feet step on them. Pullaai piravi thara vendum.

  2. All manifestations have a limitation. Hence, after cleansing the mind of impurities of lust and vanity through Bhakthi, one must pursue the path of Jnana, the knowledge of Oneness.

  3. “The Cry of a Flower”-so beautifully it captures our mind to understand the Universality of all Life forms! All life forms – plants, animals and humans-all have same basic spirit/supernatural Being within. So just as we are in raptures when we see, hear or get a hug from AMMA, the same emotions are in the Flowers.

    Thank You Sateeshan for this lovely poem.

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