Rain was kind enough today to stop, so that the Friday meditation could be at the beach. Since 10 days, it has being raining a lot, and everyday, making it on one side cool but on the other side difficult to accomplish the preparation work for the birthday. So Amma came a little after 5 and we had a long and beautiful meditation with the sun going down on the ocean. How lucky we are! Thumban and Bhakti joined the meditation with enthusiasm, creating some slight distraction.

The bhajans session which follows with Amma was another moment of grace. Swamiji was there in spite of his hectic schedule and the choice for to night included some old deep bhajans like arundu cholluvan: “I have come near Thee after suffering great sorrows from the time of my birth until now. Sprinkling the Nectar of Love, won’t Thou merge me in Thy Feet?” or samsara dukkha samanam: “For those deluded ones who wallow in the dense darkness, meditation on Thy Name and Form is the only solution for their wretched state” and finishing in a climax that only Amma can generate, with jay ma ambe, victory to the Divine mother, sang by thousands of devotees.

On the way to Her room Amma stopped to listen to the questions of some of the brahmacharis in charge of building the stage and the way to the site where vehicles can bring the Guests, and Amma went in the mood of the ‘construction manager’, discussing with them and explaining how to handle it. An announcement was made to invite each and everyone to the birthday site on the other side of the back waters, for helping, after dinner, and it was mentioned that there will be opportunities for all ages!

Dipamrita, Amritapuri

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