26 Sep 2013 WithAmma

Ave Me Maiya

25 Sep 2013
The evening program was held in the huge program hall built on the Engineering Campus in Amritapuri. There were thousands of people in and around the program venue.
The evening program started with Amma’s bhajans. Amma rocked the program hall with Her powerful & inspiring bhajans through the excellent sound system.

The mood of Amma’s children was reflected in the lyrics of one of the bhajans that Amma sang today. The meaning of the “Ave Me Maiya” goes like: “Mother, we your little children have come under your shelter. Please take this boat across – don’t abandon us in midstream.

Crying and weeping, falling and stumbling, we reached your door. Take us in your lap, hold us close to your heart. Please Mother, don’t send us back to the world”.


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  1. I too Maa in the queue for getting your divine love

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