Tuesday is ‘normally’ a day for the residents. A meditation day with Amma giving lunch plates to everyone. Of course, considering the present circumstances, nobody was thinking of meditation and the word was that Amma will give darshan to those who just came. A standing darshan??

So Amma arrives. Lakshmi the elephant was waiting for her. Amma went to feed her, with kilos of bananas and love. Amma then walked to the stage, did pranam and sat on the pitham…in lotus posture! Which is not the usual position she holds for giving darshan. So its meditation. In the midst of the excitement and noise of the celebration, the hall became slowly silent. Br. Shubamrita led the meditation, followed by a long moment of full silence, so quiet and calm, Amma was ‘cooling down’ everyone.

Just before starting the meditation, Amma said that she will serve the food!!! So the kitchen team was trying to get everything ready. Miraculously silently, plates started to pile up on the stage during the meditation itself. But when meditation was over, Amma started darshan. There were so many people and finally the plates were distributed on each side, as it was a special prasad food. Amma could not give darshan to everyone before the bhajans time, so she just went for a short time in her room, and come back came to lead the evening bhajans, and again after bhajans, gave darshan ! Always giving giving giving…