This afternoon, while on stage, there was a bit of commotion near Amma.   The photographer and videographer were nudging for a clear view of two young children who were coming up for darshan.  As I was near the chair, I managed to get a close look at the scene.    The boy and girl were adorable, smiling and posing for the camera with Amma.  Their parents were beaming with joy.  Instantly, I realized what I was watching.

These two children were Tsunami babies, born out of Amma’s infinite compassion.  Ten years ago, Liji and Srijith had lost their son and daughter in the disastrous tsunami which swept through the region in Dec. 2004.   Liji had had her tubes tied, and could not conceive again unless the operation was reversed.   Amma offered to provide this surgery free of charge to 9 women.   Liji had the surgery and Amritakripa and Eknath were born on Oct. 30th, 2006.

8 years ago, I was next to Amma in the Kali Temple when the twins were brought to Amma to be named.  I was moved to write about it at the time and the blog was posted here.{link}

Today, I was blessed again to see two happy, healthy children sitting on Amma’s lap.   Of all the thoughts that went through my mind, one was as clear as it was when I wrote the blog post 8 years ago: This is the true miracle of Amma’s love and compassion – to restore hope, console those in pain, and to bring the joy of life back to those who are suffering.

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