31 Dec 2014 Poems

Birth of New Year

Ma, long long ago, was there a God, named sun,
When the vibrant prana calmly rested in Brahma?
The effulgent Self already swallowed the illusion,
Only silence reigned with empty space illumined.

Then silence disturbed, the dance of Siva began,
The vibrant prana roared Om, Om and Om,
The Self willed let me become many and many,
Thus the universes countless born endlessly.

Lord, the silent witness, willed with his mind,
And the prana vibrated with the three gunas,
The trinity were born, Brahma, Vishnu and Siva,
Creation began, its beginning incomprehensible.

Infinite worlds came into existence, so-called Sat,
One among them the sun, the moon and the Earth,
The system whose terms are year, month and day,
Clock speeds measured in hours, minutes and seconds.

Ma, Thou art unborn, infinite assuming The form
Sunya Kalpa Vibhuta, Desa Kala Paricchinna,
Blessed us to celebrate every day in Thy presence,
With the knowledge of the Self, source of Existence.

—  Sridhar

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  1. Br. Sridhar , good poem. Please continue the good work.

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