Hello, everyone!
I am Reo Hirata of IVUSA, a Japanese volunteer group. I took part in Amma’s flood relief work in Uttarakhand, helping to construct houses in March 2015.

Before taking part in the activity, I was really worried about how helpful I could be for the people of India.


However, the Indian people welcomed us Japanese students very warmly.

Looking at it, I thought I would really be of service to them and I was able to attend with all my might to the activity, helping to construct schools for the students in the area.

I was deeply impressed that people continue to live their lives every day overcoming the difficulties caused by the disaster of the flood.


I have come to like India by looking at it with my own eyes and meeting people there. In our constructing the houses, we got support from Amma and Viveka. We were not able to accomplish the activity without their support.

This time, I took darshan from Amma in Tokyo.

In taking the Darshan, I told Amma how I was thankful to her for making the environment for me to participate in volunteer activity in India. Amma kindly took away my anguish and nervousness in my daily life. I felt my emotions come up and I was really relieved at the same time. I felt this is Amma’s love itself.


I noticed Amma gives Darshan for many hours, many days, in order to keep delivering Love to the people, and I felt Amma aims to help the world and all the people to live in peace.

It is a distinct honor to take part in Amma’s service activities.

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