As you know, there were 63 students from Japan who came to Uttarakand last Feb-March for two weeks. Unfortunately that time they could not meet amma while they were in India, since the project site was remote area, far away in the mountain, and students have tight budget and limited times in India.

However many students have came to see Amma when she came to have program in Tokyo this time. They all felt Amma’s love and care for humanity. Many students did seva in the canteen serving chai or food during Amma’s program in Tokyo. They enjoyed a lot.

I was really touched by seeing those students blissed out by Amma ‘s love and they really appreciated to meet Amma and her humanitarian services.


This is the one student who came to see Amma all the way from Kyoto which is west part of Japan 700km away from Tokyo. He took overnight bus to Tokyo reaching in the morning and left at night back to Kyoto by bus again. He cut some classes in the college, but he learned more and received more.

When he came to india, he was first year college student. this is the first time for him to visit outside Japan.

– Viveka, Japan