The bird inside my heart sings for you, oh Divine Mother
Who, save you, shall understand its song?
Who? Oh Mother of mine…

The chirping which only You understand
Nobody can stand, not even our closest ones!

The bird inside my heart flew to the mind… Alas!
The mind is now a cage of Thy Maya, controlled by innumerable desires
Imprisoned by the mind, the bird cries out ‘Amma! Amma!’

When the bird inside becomes weary of pining for its mother,
Wet become the eyes, trying…
Trying hard to conceal the pain of this bird,
Pain caused by this cruel world’s stain on its soul

Oh Karunamayi! Who, save You, shall open the doors of this cage?
Who? Oh dear Mother…
When will the time come for this bird of devotion to find its way?
Its way into the arms of the Divine mother,
When will this bird’s song merge with the Eternal Music?

-by Dhivya

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  1. Song of the soul can be heard when the mind is silenced by Japa. It’s the loveliest music ever to be heard. May AMMA bless us to stop the unruly and restless mind.

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