Led by Mr. Girirajan, a group from Srirengapuram, a village in the district of Theni, Tamil Nadu, have been coming for Amma’s birthday since 2013.

He says “Every year when I come, I am here to fulfill my desire to meet Amma. This year I have brought some of my villagers for Amma’s darshan. I want them to experience the ambiance here. I witnessed a change in my life when I had Amma’s darshan in 2014, at that time I was unemployed. I told her all my problems her and she assured me that I will find solutions very soon. I started agriculture as per Amma’s advice and I am happy that she made me choose the right path”

Mr. Raja who is also a farmer from the same village says “Many people might come here to enjoy the festive environment or to go the beach and enjoy their time here. But for me the only motive is to meet Amma, and if I am unable to have Amma’s darshan, I still consider myself fortunate for having touched the holy soil of Amma’s birth”

– Anirudh.R., Tony Ajith and Poonthamil