Soon after our beloved Amma’s 62nd birthday celebrations got over, we got an opportunity to interact with Swami Shailendra Saraswati, who is a disciple of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and currently teaches Transcendental Meditation. He had come here for Amritavarsham ’62 and had his first darshan from Amma. “This was my first visit to Amma. In […]

As Indians we all dream about a clean India free of garbage. It is with this idea of creating a clean community, as an initial step towards a clean India, that the Amala Bharatam Campaign (ABC) was initiated. Mahita, who was associated with it since its incipience, spoke to us about her involvement with clearing […]

“I met Amma about three years ago in USA. This is my first time in the ashram. She is an embodiment of compassion and love for me, and the longer I stay, I feel she is inside my heart. She has really changed my life and my whole life is different now.” – Jeffery, USA […]

“Amma has brought many changes to my life. What I am today is because of Amma’s grace. My children study at Amma’s school. It has instilled good values in them. I got a good job because of Amma. After meeting Amma there has been financial upliftment in my family.” –  Praseeda, Insurance Agent, Wayanad, “Amma […]

23rd September 2015 Amritavarsham’62 celebrations have started early on and the ashram is already in a festive mood. Poet “Kalaimaamani” Andal Priyadarshini, Station Director, Head of Office, Doordarshan, Podhigai, Coimbatore came to meet Amma for the first time, shared with us her thoughts on her visit to Amritapuri and getting Amma’s darshan. “Although I have […]

Students from Amritavidyalayam Bangalore visited Amritapuri on 20 and 21 August. They were delighted to get the chance to sing bhajans to Amma during darshan. Here is what Sagar, Prerana and Sahana, three of the visiting students, had to say: “This is the yearly school trip that our school organizes for us to come to […]

“I thank Amma for her Grace and blessings in making me win a Prize of Honour in the Indian National Level Sanskrit competition. I came to Amritapuri yesterday to give my pranams to Amma, thank her for her never ending Grace and provision, and offer the Prize and Certificate of Honour at her feet. Saresham […]

Vyasa (USA) visited Amma in Amritapuri in 1982. This is part 2 of Vyasa’s interview by Priyan. (Read part 1) Q: “What are some special moments with Amma that you remember from these days?” A: “Well, Amma was literally with us all the time. She ate with us, fed us, meditated with us, sang bhajans with […]

Interview by Priyan Vyasa (Gregory Mc Farland, USA) has been a devotee of Amma for 31 years now! He is visiting Amritapuri for a month, to be with Amma for her 60th Birthday Celebrations. Even though since Her 1st world tour in 1987, he meets Amma every year when She visits the USA, it has […]