O! Amma, God said, “Seek Me, I am happiness.” Knowing which, may I rest at Thy Feet in peace. O! Amma, God said, “All creatures come from Me.” Knowing which, may I love all the forms as Thee. O! Amma, God said, “I am Love, unconditioned, eternal.” Knowing which, may I surrender to His grace, […]

After all these years, I found my divine mother, Who looks after me every second. What more do I want of life? I listen to her bhajans, Her divine voice goes deep into my heart I am so happy through my tears. I asked for acceptance, And you gave it to me dear Amma. Thank […]

Delay not, my beloved Mother, Pouring Your mercy into my wretched heart; Orphaned I am in this alien world, alone, helpless, Give me refuge, my Mother of infinite compassion. Your are farthest of the far, nearest of the near, Subtlest of the subtle, greatest of the great, Pervading everywhere, indwelling all, The origin of the […]

Wake me up, O! Kindliest Mother, Lost in the senses, I roam an’ roam, Clouds of desires cover me over, Deluded I sleep, asleep I’m. Wake me up, O! Kindliest Mother, Lost in the senses, I roam an’ roam, Passions bubble up an’ rule over Deluded I sleep, asleep I’m. Wake me up, O! Kindliest […]

The temple of Your heart Is my home Of prayers I build my altar In the secret Of Your smile I drink at the fountain Of eternity In the depth of Your eyes You water my roses With Your tears Of compassion You build my life With your warm Embrace And when I look Into […]

Ma! Thy Effulgent Form is Infinite Beauty Personified, Th’ Divine Lotus whose fragrance felt by Yogis, Omnipresent, Yogis humming, “Om Om Om” know it to be th’ most blessed, May I be the blessed Yogi Swan at Thy Holiest Lotus Feet. Ma, the lotus bloomed in the lake named Manasorvar, Permeated its fragrance enticing the […]

As she smiles the Sun, Moon and stars fade. The Universe bows down at her lotus feet. Entire galaxies revolve around her love. The five elements of world create a canopy. The air around her gets purified. The sweet fragrance of love streams of her heart. The water she touches turns into the Holy Ganges. […]

I do not wish to see anything anymore, I have seen you. I do not wish to hear any sound, I have heard you. I shut my mouth as you answer me, silently. No fragrance is better, than the aroma of your being. Your soothing feather-touch wakes me up. Desires try to creep in, but […]

Ma, long long ago, was there a God, named sun, When the vibrant prana calmly rested in Brahma? The effulgent Self already swallowed the illusion, Only silence reigned with empty space illumined. Then silence disturbed, the dance of Siva began, The vibrant prana roared Om, Om and Om, The Self willed let me become many […]