5 Mar 2015 Poems

A Temple of Gratitude

As she smiles the Sun, Moon and stars fade.
The Universe bows down at her lotus feet.
Entire galaxies revolve around her love.
The five elements of world create a canopy.

The air around her gets purified.
The sweet fragrance of love streams of her heart.
The water she touches turns into the Holy Ganges.
She sprinkles her grace on all around her.

By a soft feel of her fingers she fertilizes soil.
Hopes and love sprout in the heart of Earth.
By soft subtle words she soothes minds.

Oh mother of all, let me pray that I be an offering.
Let me offer a little space in my heart for you.
Let me build a temple of gratitude for you being with us
Oh holy mother consecrate this temple!

By S. Rangorath

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