30 Jul 2015 Poems

You are Far, Yet Near

Delay not, my beloved Mother,
Pouring Your mercy into my wretched heart;
Orphaned I am in this alien world, alone, helpless,
Give me refuge, my Mother of infinite compassion.

Your are farthest of the far, nearest of the near,
Subtlest of the subtle, greatest of the great,
Pervading everywhere, indwelling all,
The origin of the Pranava Sound begetting worlds legion.

You are Perfection, Power, Majesty Supreme,
You are the very essence of all knowledge, all mystery,
You project worlds, sustain, and dissolve them at last,
You revel in creation which is Your endless sport.

Have mercy on me, Mother, awaken my sleeping spirit,
Give me a taste of the nectar of immortality,
Breaker of samsara’s bondage, my Divine Mother,
To Thee I cling like a frightened child; forsake me not.

By Swami Turyamritananda Puri

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