Salutations to the One who is beyond differences.  Salutations to the One who removes the sense of difference in others. Amma always tells us that she sees nothing in creation as different from herself.  We can see that this is true by her every word and action.  But amazingly, in this time when humans seems […]

8 Oct 2011, Milan, Italy It was a bright sunny day in Milan and local organisers of Amma’s Italy program were excitedly busy. Amma was to reach the airport in a few minutes. Outside the arrival gate, devotees had waited with flowers in their hands. Some of them got ready to drive on. Meanwhile, being […]

A year ago, on 19th December 2009, Amma inaugurated the Amrita Institute for Differently-Abled (AIDA) , an institute for mentally disabled children of Kozhikode and neighboring areas. Initially the AIDA Centre accepted 20 children offering adequate therapy to support their daily activities, social integration and education. Inspired by this project, last April the Milan Satsang […]