A year ago, on 19th December 2009, Amma inaugurated the Amrita Institute for Differently-Abled (AIDA) , an institute for mentally disabled children of Kozhikode and neighboring areas.

Initially the AIDA Centre accepted 20 children offering adequate therapy to support their daily activities, social integration and education.

Inspired by this project, last April the Milan Satsang group wanted to offer our emotional and moral support to the day-care nurses here in Italy who were carrying out such a delicate task for the differently-abled. We started off with “one, two, three…sing along with me!”, a group activity sharing smiles, company and music. We sang bhajans and other songs and they sang with us.

Christmas carols

We had seen the joy in their eyes and hence wanted to repeat the same. On the 11th, a clear December Saturday, we went to share the day with them again. We had prepared to sing some traditional Christmas carols.

When we reached the day care home, all had seated themselves on their respective chairs and we took the floor facing them all. Many of us had dressed in red Christmas colors. We sang a few Christmas carols and they got so carried away into the spirit. Later, they came back with a request: “… so now shall we do one of those other songs that you do?” They did not know the word “bhajans” and hence asked for those “songs that you do”. We were so happily surprised.

singing bhajans

While we sang, we could see them trying to mouth some of the words and take part in this new adventure. For us, it was unspeakable joy – a reflection of Amma’s love. We left the place saying “See you soon dear friends! May this Christmas bring Joy, Peace and Love!”. Epiphany is coming soon, and we promised to meet them again on that day with the New Year in January.


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