8 Oct 2011, Milan, Italy

It was a bright sunny day in Milan and local organisers of Amma’s Italy program were excitedly busy. Amma was to reach the airport in a few minutes. Outside the arrival gate, devotees had waited with flowers in their hands. Some of them got ready to drive on. Meanwhile, being a busy airport, it was becoming tougher to get permission to wait for Amma right outside. Taxi drivers were arguing that the cars were blocking them. The argument became stronger and yet it only spurned the excitement. Suddenly, they see a spot of white. Murmurs became louder, the chin widened and smiles broke out. Amma was walking led by an airport official. Amma was smiling lovingly and it was a great moment.

Few local Satsang group were the first to reach Amma. One held a beautiful bouquet and said welcome Amma. Amma on the other hand, was so happy to see her children.Some came running to Amma to get her hug saying “Ciao” (hello). She hugged and kissed everyone. People waiting to collect their relatives lost their look as Amma hugged each one and all. “This is Amma’s first trip directly to land in Italy.” said Amma to an airport official. Amma came to the place cars were waiting. The taxi drivers fighting lost their interest to argue. A local devotee blew a big conch and resounded a beautiful welcome. Along with Swamis, this ancient land of arts and culture was receiving Amma again.

A moment of joy not describable with words was when Amma was received in the hall by so many of her Italian children who clapped and cried “Amma Amma”. Amma looked at them as had been missing them, like a mother with her children. It was truly a special moment. The Europe Yatra 2011 has started.

– Shyam

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  1. it was v nice to read this..specially about Amma”s look.and happy sounds…nice prasad..thank you.

  2. Truly Blessed Mother Earth,
    For AMMA again has taken birth.

    Now to sing, hug and dance in Europe,
    Verily Her children got back their hope.

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