It was snowing when I left home. I had missed Amma after doing seva around the European programs all summer and fall. Also it seemed that work and other commitments would not allow me to join any of the India tours this winter. The prospect of not seeing Amma until at least summer made me […]

The 2009 South Indian Tour caravan is back home. For these three weeks, the six hundreds of us have been whirling around, day in and day out, to unload, reload, pack, unpack, get dirty and wash so many clothes, so many plates. Strangely enough, all these bus rides, all these people, all these places have […]

Three days before Amma left for the South India tour, She surprised us on a quiet Friday by coming down from her room for an afternoon of rice threshing seva.  Apparently the ashram has some farm land and this was the first harvest.  I was lucky enough to be there to see her demonstrating and […]

It was one of Amma’s public programs in Mumbai, I was fortunate enough to do ‘Line seva’. I liked that seva because it brought legitimacy for me being nearer Amma and also gave the opportunity to do some thing little useful. I was asking the question to the throngs of people who came to see […]