3 Feb 2009 WithAmma

South India Tour

The 2009 South Indian Tour caravan is back home. For these three weeks, the six hundreds of us have been whirling around, day in and day out, to unload, reload, pack, unpack, get dirty and wash so many clothes, so many plates. Strangely enough, all these bus rides, all these people, all these places have gradually tended to merge into one common experience. By tearing us apart, by working us out, it has brought us together.

Everywhere She was bending forward, welcoming thousands in her lap irrespective of Her own tiredness. Everywhere, our exhausted bodies could not refrain from watching Her carry these hundreds of souls through another sleepless night. At each and every stop, Her shivering voice would turn into a loud laughter after seriously reminding us the utmost importance of Sraddha. Each and every time, She’d call us back to Her, through a song, a gaze, or a huge pot to wash.

And now that it’s over, it just feels like we’re all siblings. Back to our packed Amritapuri dorms, (you got to get the spirit going), the only thing that remains is Her persisting Presence. The outer circus has cleared the space for Her work, it has kept us busy so that She could touch our depths. This guy you’ve been disgusted from for the last two weeks just feels like your brother now. We’ve been through all this together. And we’re still trying to grasp that mischievous smile that has turned our inside worlds up and down.

– Dorain Spaak

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  1. you are right her mischievous smile has turned our inside up and down.

  2. I could feel how tremendously powerful AMMA is and how much love Mother has … you can try to describe with the best words … yet we feel it’s incomplete … Good work … keep it up …

  3. It is amazing to see what humans can do in the presence of a great soul. It is so amazing to see the fruits of actions that come from a single word or direction from the blissful one. Welcome home!

  4. Really the most popular sloga comes in mind when i read this experience of Sree. The sloga translates to: “What is impossible for a Devotee or a Disciple if the Grace of our Great Guru is with us? The only ‘impossible’ and great thing in the universe is to receive the Grace of mahatmas like Amma.

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