Paris! Just the name evokes impressions of sophistication, the Arts, vibrancy and glamour! Yet the people here are far from superficial. Their enthusiastic and heartfelt response to Amma and interest in meditation and service was truly moving. Even though we were not able to see any of the attractions of Paris, just being here gave […]

After two days of heavy rain and cold which interfered with their work schedule. Two days work was completed in one. In true Amma fashion, all of the rubble is sorted for reuse: large stones, small stones, timbers, and tin sheets.

Question 211: Amma says: “Be careful not to fall in love with your own ego, in the name of loving others, serving them or doing spiritual practices.” How do you understand this? Please make your answer brief and clear (maximum 5 or 6 lines).

26 Sep 2011, Amritapuri It’s hard to find people who think and feel for their fellow beings. Their sense of pride limits themselves in many ways.  For instance, no one would care to  direct people to  dustbins  as they feel that it’s a shame for them and it’s not their responsibility. I was astonished to […]

watching ’embracing the world’ video triggered some memories in me. it was sometime in 1998 and i had been a part of amma’s free housing project – amrita kuteeram. amma had organized a team of volunteers which was to build 25 thousand free houses for the poor. as a forerunner, we visited every applicant’s address […]

Devotees and school community from Davangere offered Seva in the MAM’s House Building project taking place in the village of Dongarampura, in Raichur, where the MAM has built 250 houses. Those participating took this service work as a God given opportunity and offered it to Amma with love. A family of five closed the hotel […]

16 April 2010, Bangalore Inspired by Amma’s Love and Service for the humanity, Amma’s Bangalore children also wanted to do squirrel’s seva in the great Service been carried out by Amma for the flood victims in Karnataka and Andra Pradesh. Under the leadership of Swami Amritegeetananda Puriji, a team of 19 members left for Raichur. […]

30 April 2009 AYUDH Netherlands decided to raise funds for the Vidyamrita scholarship programme. The Dutch youth felt personally very drawn to this cause. And, being Dutch, what better moment to raise funds and awareness than at the national annual Queensday flea market on April the 30th? On Queensday the Dutch celebrate the birthday of […]

It was Amma’s first visit to  the city of Tanur, and one could discern the accumulated longing and the enthusiasm of the waiting devotees pouring out on that auspicious occasion. As I was coming out, bleary eyed, early in the morning for my cup of tea, I could barely believe my eyes when I saw […]