16 May 2009 Darshan

Amma knows

This happened long back during my School days.

I used to compel my friends to come along to meet Amma. Still those memories of, travelling in the boat and reaching ashram and feeling some inner joy, waiting to see her in the hall,not knowing  for what and why? Anyway this is about one of my friend who was doubtful whether Amma really knows everything? How can that ever be possible? Even though he beleived in Spiderman,Superman and all and believed in thier powers and thier existance(?) no ‘human’ can be all knowing,he believed.

He purchased a bracelet of red-sandalwood beeds from the stall to get it blessed by Amma.We went for playing in the beach and we totally forgot about that bracelet. At last darshan time came and we came in the queue, sweating after the play.
My friend was just in front of me.He got an amazing darshan even though Amma didn’t speak anything.  He got up and i moved forward.Then Amma suddenly pulled my friend’s hand towards her who just got up to leave.  She smiled and put her hand into his pants pocket! He was wondering why she’s doing that, so was I ! It came back with the bracelet !  She put that on his hands with a smile for him and looked at me. I don’t know  meaning of that look even now, but Amma knows.

– Deva dath

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  1. This has happened to me way too many times, that I have lost count. When I was in school, during Darshan, it was a habit to forget things I had planned to give Her. then, looking into my dazzled eyes, every single time, she takes it out of my hands or pockets. I always thought, everytime she did that, she gives the positive confirmation – She is ever waiting to take the burdens off our hearts.

  2. This has happened to me many times. This year in Chennai my son Aravindh asked Amma “Do u remember me?”, Amma took him and said “does your mother still beat you?” Aravindh is now in college, but when he was still in school, when he got bad marks in Math, I used to be very upset and slap him, and showed his reports to Amma… Now, if I make mistakes, Aravindh teases me saying that Amma is looking at me. He realised that Amma really knows everything and his faith and confidence in her are strong.

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