Suddenly around midnight Amma surprised everyone by coming out to swim! The usual fun and games followed: Amma pushing everyone into the pool, coming up with funny stories, singing bhajans etc.

Earlier Amma came for bhajans in between receiving ashramites in her room.

She sang the following bhajans:

  • Dayakaro Tum Hi
  • Viraha Ki Badal
  • Vedambike
  • Parihasa Patramayi
  • Japu Me Sada
  • Santamayi Ozhukatte
  • Ennute Jivita nouka
  • Om Namah Shivaya
  • Amma Amma Taye

During the song Ennute Jivita the air was filled with devotion. The lyrics are very touching:

O Mother, my boat is sinking here in the ocean of this world
Fiercely the hurricane of delusion rages on every side

Clumsy is my helmsman, the mind…Stubborn my six oarsmen, the passions

Into a merciless wind I sailed my boat and now it is sinking…split is the rudder of devotion

Tattered is the sail of faith…into my boat the waters are pouring

Tell me, what shall I do? For with my failing eyes alas, nothing but darkness do I see
Here in the waves I will swim, O Mother,  and cling to the raft of Thy Name !


16 May 2009

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  1. I love Ennute Jivita!

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