“Being an atheist, I had never known what values were in their true sense until I met Amma.” Mr. Sairam, Income Generator of Amrita SeRVE greeted us with this strong statement in a freewheeling chat, wherein he conveyed the idea behind AmritaSeRVE and how, through an amazing transformation effected by Amma, he became a part of this program.

This mind-set is the result of a transformational meeting Sairam had with AMMA on 26th September 2015. Even as a young entrepreneur in Andhra Pradesh, he did not feel entirely satisfied with the line of work he was in and sought answers to myriad questions about life. He came to know about Amma through his friends. In the first darshan, he did not feel anything special in the first darshan and the questions about life remained. He went for darshan a second time upon his friends’ insistence and this time, somehow, he found himself stuck on the stage for 8 hours before his turn came for darshan.  When his turn finally came, Amma answered some of his questions even before he could voice them. Later, somebody handed him a card which had answers to his remaining questions! The way AMMA communicates with people from all walks of life amazed him. This experience drove him to quit his existing business and get involved with AMMA’s voluntary services on a full time basis.

When prodded further on this life-changing decision, he has just this to say – “It’s not just about doing work at AmritaSeRVE – it is about working with the right attitude for serving others.” It was undoubtedly Amma’s untiring and selfless nature which endeared her to this disciple of hers, and it is this tenacity that he intends to pursue while exploring his role in AmritaSeRVE.

– Anish, Deepa, Megha and Amal