‘Being a woman in a man’s world is never easy.’ This refrain is heard time and again. The story of Anju Singh bears testimony to this statement. With Amma’s grace, by taking part in the AmritaSeRVE program, she has been able to overcome all odds and transform not only her own life, but those of […]

“Being an atheist, I had never known what values were in their true sense until I met Amma.” Mr. Sairam, Income Generator of Amrita SeRVE greeted us with this strong statement in a freewheeling chat, wherein he conveyed the idea behind AmritaSeRVE and how, through an amazing transformation effected by Amma, he became a part […]

On this auspicious occasion of our beloved AMMA’s 63rd birthday we got an opportunity to interact with Mr. Subhash who is the coordinator of Amrita SeRVe – Koduru Village, Telangana. Mr. Subhash described the AmritaSeRVe initiatives going on in his village. They have constructed a Shiva temple in the village, but he says “Our whole […]

In remote villages, providing proper healthcare services continues to remain a challenge in modern India. One reason India’s HDI (Human Development Index) is low is because of the absence of quality healthcare services in rural areas. India, after all, has the world’s largest number of people living in rural areas. In order to address this […]

Amma started a school there first; it was about ten years ago. Amrita Vidyalayam, Nagara is a beautiful orange pink building with one very long wing, located on the lush Kollur road, about 45 kms from Devi Mookambika. The village Byse 5kms from school has been beneficiary of several of Amrita Serve activities. Several women […]

Although there are many health, nutrition, and educational deficiencies in Indian villages, I am always struck by the things that are healthy about village life. Many smart, happy people have emerged from modest village roots. I am staying in an AmritaServe adopted village, Hadiabad, Bihar, with the R.P. Singh family. Three brothers, their wives, children […]

Musahar is a caste originally known as the “Rat Catchers”. Although they no longer practice that craft, they are still severly marginalised. Their village of Ratanpur is one of two Amrita Serve adopted villages in Bihar. Huts are made of mud. Pigs are raised and roam everywhere. Many children go unwashed even though there are […]

Meera Devi has four children. The first died in an accident at age four. The second, from health problems at 10 months. Third is Chahat, age nine. She has “mind problems” which have gotten better with expensive medicine. And number four is Simran. She has had developmental problems from birth but is a delightful child. […]