When your gaze enters mine rivers of radiance run through my veins My heart blooms – a flower whose fragrance is light Sudden showers of power flood mind and memory like monsoon rain time stops only LOVE exists Reality reveals the world is a field of luminous bliss I do not know how or when […]

The sun shining bright The air getting warm and light The birds singing cheerfully The bees dancing playfully The trees wearing colored lace The greens swaying with grace The flowers opening their perfumed heart All living creatures having a new start The day staying up late The sky kissing its mate The moon smiling at […]

O! AMMA, the Embodiment of Pure Unconditional Love Om Avyaja Karuna Poora Pooritha Thy plays remove the hidden sorrows, Even as the wind dispels thick clouds. Thou art the Universal Father and Mother, Whose unconditional love flows perinnially, Even to the most insignificant creature, Embracing all, Thou art the Purifier verily. O! AMMA, the Embodiment […]

If each soul was born, with an internal ‘spirit computer’, then my Guru would be the one, who overhauls my operating system, and upgrades software, with appropriate updates She gives periodic memory boosts as well When my system crashes she gets it running smoothly again– always A master technician in the arena of soul the […]

O radiant one, your face is ever etched inside my heart and never fades away; it’s always fresh and never fails to fetch my mind from places it might tend to stray, but were it not for your beguiling grace. Your lustrous eyes have mesmerized my soul. A gesture of your hand–my sight will trace […]

I am silent and still, trying to listen to you… Hoping to hear you speak to my heart… Wishing I was flawless, perfect and pure, Wondering what life trials I’m destined to endure. Constant effort… Constant thirst… Constantly striving to put you first. Feeling unsettled, like something is not right, It is a spiritual war […]

O Divine Mother, whose grace guides my steps, I bow at your feet O Divine Mother, whose blessings are showering upon me, I bow at your feet O Divine Mother, whose teachings bring me up, I bow at your feet O Divine Mother, who erases the dust that covers my eyes, I bow at your […]

In the depth of the night There came a shining light Calling me to emerge from darkness And to let go of my blindness Tears of joy I shed Under Your starry sky Words of love I read In the stars so high The wonder You brought back In a world where all was black […]

I was crying for help, and You answered me I was yearning to walk straight, and You taught me I was searching for a shelter, and You fetched me I was looking for a reason to live, and You gave it to me I was wondering who’s steps to follow, and Yours called me I […]