In the depth of the night
There came a shining light
Calling me to emerge from darkness
And to let go of my blindness

Tears of joy I shed
Under Your starry sky
Words of love I read
In the stars so high

The wonder You brought back
In a world where all was black
The child in me You embraced
And I was just amazed

I was reborn in Your ocean of Love
You gave me wings to fly as a dove
Your peace I try to live
Your example I wish to give

And though in my path I might fall and not always succeed
I know for sure that in my heart You planted a love seed

by Nisrine (Lebanon)

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  1. “You planted a love seed”
    Not just sure but it’s verily true.

    May this little seed flourish into a giant tree with many branches of fruits and flowers, not only giving shade but also solace and existence full of bliss.

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