O! Amma, Amma, Amma O! Mother, Mother, Mother Lull Thy child to sleep, O! Mother, Rock me in a cradle. Om Om Om, Om Om Om. Swing Thy child, O! Mother, Forever in Thy arms. Om Om Om, Om Om Om. O! Amma, Amma, Amma O! Mother, Mother, Mother Feed Thy child, O! Mother, Who […]

When a Jeevatma called “Arjuna,” Was tormented by th’ laws of Karma, Shaken to dust, wrecked an’ broken by strife, By th’ most formidable currents of life. Utterly dejected, hence he knew not He could still be invincible an’ float, Facing th’ existential foes, money, power an’ lust, In the ocean of Samsara, so unbearable, […]

I was dormant in a shell, like a hermit in penance . Many seasons passed by, placing year rings on me. Unaware I delved deeper, to find an end to beginning. and beginning to an end. I felt my body crumbled. My breathe chocked heavily. My sinews stretched full, as my body was burning. My […]

I do see her eyes of grace. I graze in her eyes with urge. Cosmic dream rests there. I delve in her mystic mystery. I come across her subtle smile. All creatures move around her holding her hands of compassion. Possessive; all we fight for attention, drawing you to foment our wounds. You embrace all […]

A birth at Thy Lotus Feet, Mother, grant Thy child a birth at Thy Lotus Feet, To fearlessly live in Thy gracious spiritual light, Forsaking the sensual pleasures, living in Thy compassion Embellished with the jewels of discrimination and dispassion Mother, grant Thy child a birth at Thy Lotus Feet, To joyously live in Thy […]

A soft fondle of breeze carry a smile over petal lips. Mist of mystic mystery hangs, in reverence. Nature stands still, in silence. A chant of love percolates, shading pink on petals. The blush of love for God, emanates from hearts, like beetles hum. In the lotus of hearts, Mother of all Mothers sits, listening […]

O! Mother, Thy descent marked new blissful dawn, For the entire creation love unconditional is given. Thou knowest, Thou art blissful , an’ unborn, The incomprehensible Self, th’ Supreme One. Mother, when the darkness was considered as light, Thou didst share love an’ kindness even as a child, To th’ old, sick, poor, an’ elderly […]

A mass of ecstasy was born, In a cell of dust and darkness, erected by boulders of greed. He was born as midnight sun, had his little body covered by sky. On feathers of love he slept. Stars winked at each other…. Galaxies merged in milky-way . Supernova’s boomeranged. Shooting stars carried a message, “ […]

My heart beats fast; on reaching near you. A sea of emotions flood my eyes, like tidal waves it washes ashore, deposits every filth n’ mud of my past. There is a dark cloud hanging behind me. Thunder n’ lightning blasts off my chest, Ghosts of innumerable desires pull me apart. Oh ! My mother […]