Ma, the moments of despair are e’er caused by lust, The Guru as Self in Thy form directs all who are lost. So dreadful is the enemy lust, surpassing the fiercest, Yet the saviour is a mere speck of dust at Thy Lotus Feet. So deluded was I that I took my enemy to be […]

Ma, I know not why the nature has three Gunas, Bound to these fetters, a Jiva roams in varied wombs. But I know, Thou art there everywhere to carry us, Helping to rejoice and celebrate all days of our lives. Ma, I know not why there are the Sun, the Earth and planets, Bound by […]

Amongst the flowers offered by chants at thy feet, I hear sounds of a weeping flower. It cries out of sheer ecstasy, being a flower chosen for holy worship. Every mantra vibrates on each petal. Feels your vibes of love and compassion. Oh! Mother of universe how blessed are they, to be offered at thy […]

Found my True Friend Who is waiting patiently Who was there with me always Who guided me without recognition… Found my True Friend Who controls this Universe Who took me to the next level of purity Who took care of me without recognition… Found my True Friend Who wants me to merge with Pure Bliss […]

The journey continues…. The journey to find out the truth The journey to find peace inside me The journey which took me all over the Universe The journey which made me look inside finally. Conceptions; Misconceptions, Pain remains Holding my ego tightly, again pain remains Friction bet’n chosen path and path to be chosen, pain […]

From depth of my sleep, I hear your chant of love. Dawn walked into my dream, drizzling splendor of charm. I glide over a rainbow, filling my senses in color. Dropping my sheaths one by one, I fade away behind azure sky. Behind veils of mystery, someone shakes tree of stars. I fall on your […]

Master, walk with me a few more steps For Life is passing through an unknown curve My mind is full and heart is coarse So walk with me till the next insight Master, walk with me a few more steps As I sway my sword in the dark My battle is hard and my spirit […]

The river flows …. the river flows continuously Some use it to bath, to wash clothes Some to drink Some  worship on its banks Some spit in it, some enjoy its beauty But the river never complains, it just flows. The river flows …. the river flows continuously The journey of the jivatma also moves […]

When the great assembly aligned To embrace the eternal benevolence The prolonged longing for a “darshan” In an endless day and night All human beings on this earth- Men of letters or wealth, Rulers and the bureaucrats, People from common mass Every one with tears or pleasure; With sorrows or gratitude Lay surrendered in front […]