UPA-NISHAT (SIT NEARBY) Unaware I reached you. Experience your grace. One benevolent look by you. I melted down. I sat closer to you, nearby your side…. World outside chirps, murmurs. I felt zeroing myself. I fell silent. I have no questions. Your silence answers me. I meet you in completeness, pervasive mute divinity. Oh my […]

Mother, when hast Thou created the Universes? With galaxies of billion solar systems as verses, Written as endless poetry by an eminent poet, Only to be born as human to know all about it. Mother, Thou art the greatest unexplored artist, Who painted wonderful colours of cosmic rays, The incomprehensible formless Self hidden silent, Though […]

You are now on sweet sixty’s shore May you live at least another six hundred more, In our hearts and in those yet to come, Spreading the fragnance of your boundless love With your heart you moved mountains Did only what a divine being can do Every work an edifice of deep compassion, Where selfless […]

Mother Earth trembled and shivered, as the demons tormented and shattered the lives of many innocent… Then was the arrival of the Divine, memorable. The day was Bhadrapada, Ashtami, as the Divine willed An infant was born in the midst of conditions, unthinkable. Yet full of splendor, a beaming smile and bluish-hued The Lord arrived […]

To my dearest charioteer Please come O happy moon.. Please remove my unnecessary sorrow.. I cry hard but its not leaving me!! O dear saviour!! wont you come to save me ? cries– my heart.. throbs– my heart.. Giver of the giver.. I am nothing… Please come… O pearl of my heart.. You blossom in […]

Mother, though the blazing Sun rose in the East, The dawn looked so dull as if the Creator was silent. Ma, all Gods sang for Thy waking up in Raga Bhoopala, And it was the time for all learned to offer a gift of Kala. Filling the quarters with the melody of song and dance, […]

Mother! There is a glimpse, a glimpse of God, as you sing. Every word you utter, is a word of God, a mantra to invoke God. When you smile, it is the smile of God. When you cry, it is the crying of God, so compassionately, concerned. As you speak, it is Bliss. If you […]

On string of time, pearls of life roll in front of her, We move out of her hugs to a new world, wearing a glow on our faces. By a mere look, she reads, faces of our history. Looking afar she foresees, our births and deaths yet to come. Smiling she embraces, past, present n’ […]

Holding her finger tips my spirits rose. I clung on to her hand as a dream walker. While floating as a butterfly by wings of emotions, disbelief faltered my steps. She guided me to the porch of her love. Seeing many hands waiting for her grace, she swiftly released mine, stretched her hands to the […]