Salutations to the One who is beyond differences.  Salutations to the One who removes the sense of difference in others. Amma always tells us that she sees nothing in creation as different from herself.  We can see that this is true by her every word and action.  But amazingly, in this time when humans seems […]

An interesting cross-section of people visit the Amrita University table to find out about Amma’s university, or see about teaching, attending or interning. In the Netherlands, we spoke to some people who told us particularly moving stories. One woman began telling us about poverty in Holland. We were surprised as we had thought people in […]

Toulon is now the biggest program on the tour, with overflow crowds filling the stadium and more waiting outside to get in. They are orderly and disciplined, making crowd control easy. They are also a lighthearted dancing crowd who will be joyously dancing one minute and seriously meditating the next. The organization to produce this […]

Called the most glamorous city in the world, and famous for its sophisticated culture, residents of Paris lined up for hours to receive a quick hug from a spiritual teacher from a far away country, born in an obscure fishing village. Although many were coming for the first time, Amma didn’t seem to be unknown […]

Food is often mentioned in reports from the Europe tour and it’s unavoidable as there is so much excellent organic food, and sharing food is so much a part of the social life and culture of Europeans. Despite eating well, Europeans are not overweight as a group and are seen biking, walking and running regularly. […]

French Fries in Munich Recently at the Munich program, little Aikyam came up to Amma for his morning hello and kiss. Amma looked at him fondly and asked if he had eaten. Then she told him to wait and sent for something. When it arrived, Amma put something on a plate and offered it to […]

Barcelona, Spain – Europe Yatra 2014 Barcelona was the first stop on the 2014 Europe tour. The weather was warm and sunny, which was a boon for the many people who lined up in the early hours of the morning to try for an early token. The huge sports hall was packed with enthusiastic Spaniards, […]

Producing Amma’s New Mexico program requires  thousands of hours of seva in many departments.  This year I was once again doing the kitchen laundry.  This requires loading several bags of damp aprons, rags, and chef’s coats used by the kitchen staff while preparing and serving  meals, and driving to the nearest local laundromat.  Fortunately, in […]

Never, not in this lifetime did I ever picture myself rising before dawn to a cold bucket shower, sporting the occasional sari, mentally offering flower petals at the feet of the Divine Mother, chanting Ma-Om with “each cell of my being dancing in Divine Bliss” around the tropical palms of a little fishing village in […]