Soon after Devi Bhava ended at the MA Center in Germany, we began the drive to her program in Houten, Netherlands. We passed through charming small towns with their steeply roofed, two story houses with wooden shutters and window boxes and down through spectacularly beautiful forested hills to the flatter farming country below. Fields of […]

There was great excitement when a program at the MA Center in Germany was listed in the schedule for the Europe tour. This beautiful ashram is a favourite with devotees and it would be the first time Amma would have a program in her own place in Europe. The anticipation was validated by the high […]

Paris! Just the name evokes impressions of sophistication, the Arts, vibrancy and glamour! Yet the people here are far from superficial. Their enthusiastic and heartfelt response to Amma and interest in meditation and service was truly moving. Even though we were not able to see any of the attractions of Paris, just being here gave […]

The program in Wnterthur, Switzerland seems to be the Center Point of Europe. The crowd is very diverse. Four nearby countries are well represented: Italy, Germany, Austria and France. This was reflected in the backdrop which featured Amma’s motto, Love and Serve in 5 languages-German English, French, Spanish and Italian. The translation on the screen […]

One could say that Amma is always dancing. Her every movement is so graceful and captivating. Pondering that, is it because she is always completely relaxed? Or is it because she is always focused, always in meditation? For whatever reason, every movement evokes a delighted response from her devotees. A special treat at the Munich […]

On Monday, October 5th, in Spain, at 9 pm Amma meditated, joked, advised, gave some hundreds of people Prasad dinner and danced the Baduga dance to the delight of all. This was a very rare treat for the Spanish devotees and they relished every moment of it. Amma will continue to do this across Europe […]

Sitting near Amma saw another amazing baby interaction. New York Abeyada comes to sit for meditation on stage during Amma’s darshan holding her one and a half year old baby Lalita. Lalita, however, has other plans… no sitting quietly for her. She wants one thing and one thing only – to get to Amma. It […]

Amma graciously consented to inaugurate the new hall at her German ashram, Hof Herrenberg. The hall was a converted training ring for horses and part of the floor remains dirt for the horses to continue to use. But a wooden balcony and temporary flooring for the dirt ring will make a venue for 2000 people […]

Milano Devi Bhava lasted until 10:15 a.m. and the buses left by noon for the long journey to Berlin. We passed through the snowy Alps, but the love we experienced in Italy kept us warm! The landscape was breathtaking. Mist hovered over the peaks and hid in the valleys. Waterfalls plunged hundreds of feet down […]