Dasapushpa: A New Concept in Gardening Forest is what is given to us; garden is what we have to make out of it…not desert. Left to itself the earth brings forth rich flora and fauna. Soil has all the seeds in it. Think of it: first the planet was there, and then we were introduced. […]

Kumkum flower: Tacchippu Chettippu. One evening Amma sang a new song “Chettippu Picchippu… ” wherein flower garlands were offered to Little Krishna. At that very instant i saw some ashram women by Kalari with trays full of this very flower, Chettippu, and little stars of Nandyarvattam, making garlands for worship. Hearing Amma’s words they looked […]

Arati to Mother Nature: Hibiscus Kali Mata resides in Amritapuri’s main temple. And here Hibiscus flowers, her favorite, bloom in plenty; almost all the varieties you see on websites are here. However, Kali is offered bright red hibiscus, those of the color her tongue, or of blood that drips from the severed heads (egos) in […]

Guru Pada Padma: Amma’s Lotus Feet Amritapuri is very much God’s Own Island. The oleographs of goddesses from the works of the legendary artist, Raja Ravi Verma of 19th century Kerala, have made a deep impress on the collective minds of Indians about how the Devis, elaborately described and praised in Sanskrit literatures, really would […]

Panchakshari in Petals: Nandyarvattam Flowers are always there in Amma-Lore. Amma instructs in Manasapuja: “…Imagine a bush without leaves but full of only white flowers… As you chant, with each mantra imagine taking a flower from your heart and offering at the Feet of the Divine…” This helps one develop Ekobhakti, one pointed devotion. In […]

From Lotus to Brahmi One early morning, way back in the late 90s, after Devi Bhava, as Amma went up Her steps, as usual She stood at the landing and turned around to see Her children. Amma’s Face bloomed with a bright smile like the Sun yet to rise. Looking at the smiling faces of […]

Sometimes, a big problem just needs a simple solution. And, we can witness this with an incident that took place in Amma’s Bharat yatra this year. Every year as spring dawns and brings happiness to all the being around, so does Amma goes on Yatra to many cities around the world to spread happiness! To […]

What could be more beautiful than sitting with my guru in the cowshed, smelling the cow dung from the floor, sitting close and listening to the words of my master and eat out of her own hands. What could be more beautiful than sitting at the edge of the jungle by night, with full moon, […]

Tabla is relatively new as a musical instrument in India. Traces of its first origin go back to just 300 to 400 years. Since then, going through a continuous evolution in the shape of the instrument and its tuning and usage, it has become an essential instrument in the Hindustan traditional classical music. Tabla is […]