O! Immortal Mother, Salutations to Thee, Offering these poems, O! Knowledge Tree, Invoking Thy grace infinite an’ unconditional, To fulfill this dreamy existence, an’ be immortal. The modern man groping in dreary darkness, Whose senses an’ mind deluded, lo! Hopeless, Calls this illusory world, ‘real’, an’ enjoyable, Only to perish like a moth in fire, […]

Vaishnavi and Valsala are twin sisters. They are from Amrita Vidyalayam, Davengere (Karnataka). They came as part of a group from their school to visit Amritapuri and get Amma’s blessings. It was their first meeting with Amma. The meeting just blew them away… “There is so much energy, so much love, I feel like crying, […]

well known carnatic classical violinists, mysore nagaraj and mysore manjunath, also known as the ‘mysore brothers’ came to meet amma and performed for her near the end of darshan. they were sitting by her side for some time and as darshan ended, amma decided to sing. she sang two songs, they then took out their […]

In remote villages, providing proper healthcare services continues to remain a challenge in modern India. One reason India’s HDI (Human Development Index) is low is because of the absence of quality healthcare services in rural areas. India, after all, has the world’s largest number of people living in rural areas. In order to address this […]

All year long a large group of devotees meet every Saturday at the Amma Center of New Mexcio in Santa Fe.  They meet at a structure built on Amma’s instructions on the site where she conducted a program for 18 years in a white tent in the pinon studded granite foothills above Santa Fe.   Every […]

Ma, Ma, Ma, Om, Om, Om Slow an’ steady wins th’ race, Chant th’ mantra always. Ma, Ma, Ma, Om, Om, Om Smile a while an’ do exercise, This keeps you healthy an’ wise. Ma, Ma, Ma, Om, Om, Om Eat moderate an’ be considerate, This frees from th’ nature of a primate. Ma, Ma, […]

Batwadi is a special village. Located on the hillside above flood ravaged areas of Chandrapuri, Batwadi found room for us to build 15 “Amma Houses” scattered across their fields. The people of Batwadi have embraced Amma and everything we are doing in Uttarakhand. Most noteable is how so many villagers will turn out to help […]

Since years I have been praying to Amma that I may never forget her presence in my life. Even though I know that she is always with me, the thought of Amma sometimes slips away in the midst of my hectic schedule in Austria. I have been a big fan of tattoos since long, and […]

I came to the ashram in 1991 with my parents and sister, when I was 3 years old. I had met Amma when I was 2 in the US. We lived in Amritapuri for 7 years and I did home school. When I was 10 Amma said we should go back for my and my […]