Sing and dance, sing and dance, Jay jay ram sita ram Jay jay ram sita ram The mind is ever turbulent, Senses behave accursed, It’s their nature to torture, The soul that’s so innocent. Sing and dance, sing and dance, Jay jay ram sita ram Jay jay ram sita ram The mind becomes so calm, […]

O! Mother In this great illusory world of competition and war, Where the lands of far and far become so near, Owing to the technological advances so untrackable, Wrecking evil habits barely letting them be controllable, All the learned gems of schools struggling to learn, Ma, is it my mistake to call out and cry, […]

Chant the Name Divine, It’s all sweet and Omniscient. Amma Amma Amma Rama Rama Rama Amma Amma Amma Rama Rama Rama Be happy like a child, Look at the beauty around Feel the joy e’er within See the butterfly flyin’ Yea! saw the one beauty so long, Now, disappeared for once and gone. Life is […]

It is Europe yatra and Amma had started off the tour with Hof Herenberg, the German ashram center. While attending to a friend from Mannheim who had been coming for many years and talking of Amma’s Germany program, a small girl about 3-4 years of age came running to another lady sitting in front of […]

Age is never a barrier when you have strong faith and belief. This couple, Mr. and Mrs. Ramu, hailing from Kozhikode, Kerala, are in their mid-80’s. They recollected that the first time they met Amma was way back in 1986, when Amma came for bhajans at Azhakodi Devi Temple in Kozhikode. They have been coming […]

 “In 1989, while I was reading Sree Rama Krishna Vachanamritam, I always regretted to have not been born during the time of Lord Rama. Then I came to know about Amma through one of my friends and I thought I should meet her. I was then working in Oman. I came to meet Amma and […]

Think about it for a second. You walk up onto a stage in a huge, packed auditorium. You sit still and allow people to perform a ceremony around you, even though you don’t really want it, even though so many flower garlands around your neck are heavy. But it means so much to the people, […]

Sujatha from Prayar, Alappuzha district, Kerala shares her experience “Before meeting Amma about 8-10 years back, I was living in a hut, and led a poor life. Amma took care of me as a child of her own and gave her love and built me a sweet home and educated my children for free. I […]

Who doesn’t like those hot peanuts to pass time? Let’s meet Mr.Selvam, hailing from a village in Theni, Tamil Nadu. He has been coming for Amritavarsham for the past 4 years. He sets up his peanut cart near to the Engineering College every year. He talks about the first time he came to set up […]