Sometimes, a big problem just needs a simple solution. And, we can witness this with an incident that took place in Amma’s Bharat yatra this year.

Every year as spring dawns and brings happiness to all the being around, so does Amma goes on Yatra to many cities around the world to spread happiness! To rejoice Amma’s presence, thousands of people come to meet Amma and seek her blessings. Lots of people gather and celebrate the occasion turning it into a yearly festival. But few people use this opportunity for robbery. Every year, even amidst securities, surveillance cameras and police there are several cases of theft reported.

So to tackle this problem, the volunteers of Coimbatore Brahmasthanam Festival came up with a very simple, innovative and effective idea. They distributed safety pins to the public, instructing them to pin their jewels, wallets along with their dress. As a result, this year no cases of theft have been reported. Something with a very insignificant value as 50 paise could save things which are highly valuable. That’s how the world works, in fact, there’s nothing that’s insignificant, right?

-Madhumitha S