Amma continued to delight the hearts and souls of her children with the introduction of even more new bhajans which were created during the winter and spring. In the afternoon, Amma’s Seattle Children put on an inspiring play embracing Amma’s message that we should be content with our lives. Amma sang:

  • Jai Ganesha Jai Ekadanta
  • Murali Vale Vedana Kondor – (new – Malayalam) – a somber melody longing for Krishna – “From pain I created a bamboo flute, and my flowing tears formed a Yamuna River.”
  • Devi Devi Devi (new – Kanada) – an upbeat bhajan whose main verse exclaims, “O Devi, come revel in m mind; I will sing and dance to your glories.”
  • Jnanayoga Arivumillai
  • Mayyiji Menu Tu
  • Tapta Manasam
  • Om Namah Sivayah
  • Mata Bhavani Maheshi Ambe

— Sri Pati

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  1. Submissions at Your Divine Feet, Beloved AMMA!

  2. Shathakodi Pranamam Amma !!
    i was lucky to attend the retreat in Seattle. It was a wonderful experience being with Amma all those days.

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