We are in Nepal to assess the situation here….. The towers are down, there is barely any power and water and people stay out in open parks, fearing to return to their damaged homes. Any open area is dotted with tents and tarpaulins… Thousands of people either sit, many sleep, some eat what they can get. Many are from outside of Nepal, waiting to return home, but the scarcity of fuel and vehicles has driven up the rates. What would have cost them Rs.500 before may cost them 2,500 or much more now…so they wait.
There is no news from many villages in the interiors… The worst is feared.

We just wish we are able to help ease the suffering. Now as we sit in a candle lit room typing this note we feel a sharp jolt accompanied by a dull roar from within the earth…. Another after shock. We walk out into the open praying that this has not ushered in more sorrow for the people of this land. May we be of some help here, may we be able to wipe the tears of at least a few. With Amma’s Grace we will.

– Nijamrita