07 August 2022, Amrita Hospital, Faridabad

Arriving at Amma’s hospital in Faridabad was an amazing sight. It was breathtaking to see the enormous grounds that stretched for miles on end. The towering buildings were unlike anything I had imagined and the air was filled with excitement. The hospital still had much work that needed to be done, and as I explored I pondered how it would all come together. It was quiet dusty and still largely a construction site.

Over one week later the hospital atmosphere has changed completely. Even after being with Amma on many tours, it never fails to amaze me how Amma’s arrival transforms any area, even a construction site into an ashram. The area, once quiet and dusty, now was filled with the hustle and bustle of Amma’s children of all ages as they sifted through debris, joyously preparing the hospital to accept patients. There are canteens, juice stalls, shops, medical facilities, etc. all erected in just the short week after Amma’s arrival.

Amma’s love and dedication transforms all that she touches. Amma always says where there is love there is no effort needed. Amma’s second hospital serves as an example of her tireless dedication to the upliftment of the world. As each year passes, Amma seems to be able to accomplish more and more. One would think this effort would grow increasingly difficult with each passing year, but Amma shows what it truly means to love.

-Shivesh, USA