Have you ever wondered what it would be like to connect? To truly connect with someone, even if it’s someone we’ve just met?

On my journey with fellow students from Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham to volunteer for the inauguration of Amrita Hospital in Delhi, one person caught my attention. While we were all enjoying, making conversation, and singing our hearts out on a two-day train trip, he simply admired things, clicked pictures of moments and wandered alone like a reserved traveller. He seemed more engrossed in his own world of thoughts. What fascinated our eyes didn’t seem to interest him.

There was something about him that made me want to notice him more. Even when we tried to engage him in conversations, he would simply not utter a word.

And just like what we call a miracle, there seemed to be a visible result of divine intervention.
It was the day we got darshan from Amma. Most of us were here to meet Amma for the first time and I was curious about how this person was going to answer Amma if she talks to him.

We were all taken by surprise when we saw him interacting with Amma. To this day, I wonder about how such a reticent person spontaneously asked Amma for a selfie. This moment felt more meaningful than just someone asking Amma for a photograph.

A university student taking a selfie with Amma

They say:

“Muukam Karoti Vaacaalam Panggum Langghayate Girim |
Yat-Krpaa Tamaham Vande Param-Aananda Maadhavam ||”

This describes the wonder of Lord Krishna, by whose mercy a mute can possess the power to articulate, and the lame to cross mountains.

This incident was about how he felt that he belonged, how he was comfortable and how his heart found the connection. What did he find in Amma that he didn’t find in anyone else? Why only Amma?

Was it Amma’s welcoming presence, her contagious smile, her warmth, or her unconditional love?
It’s always surprising how one can have a connection with Amma, regardless of age, race, religion, culture, or class. Because none of that matters and that’s the beautiful thing about connecting to the purest form of love. And when asked about his moment with Amma, his words were: “It was special!”

-G Ananya

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