7 Aug 2022 Seva

The art of relaxation

02 August 2022, Amrita Hospital, Faridabad

One of the many things I have tried to imbibe from living in India, over the last twenty years, is how to apply the art of relaxation to work.

When I used to watch Indians work, I used to be amazed to see how they would work in a very relaxed manner. They would work well as a team. This is very different from the west, where work is often ego-driven and competitive.

Over here, work gets done without all the unnecessary stress. This way work gets done and their minds are at ease while they work wholeheartedly.

lady worker at Amrita Hospital

There is also a Grace that flows through our bodies and minds when we relax. Of course, in order to get Grace, we need to put in the effort. But the effort should be accompanied by faith, a trust that the Grace will come, and that if we are doing our best – God will do the rest.

lady worker at Amrita Hospital

It is inherent in Sanatana Dharma that the fruits of the work are not ours. It belongs to God. So is the work done to get the fruits. We are not the doer. The Divine is doing all. When we can tap into this, all becomes pure Grace!  Amma says, “The art of relaxation brings out the power within you; through relaxation, you can experience your infinite capabilities.”

Amma also reminds us, “Even while carrying responsibilities, never forget to smile.”

Ambujam, USA